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Toy Fair Scoop: Barbie® Digital Dress Doll

February 14, 2013    |    By +
TF-Version-1_Dana barbie digital dress

Out of the millions of new toys at Toy Fair I found the Barbie® Digital Dress Doll and here’s why I think your kids will love it. Toy Name: Barbie® Digital Dress Doll The Scoop: I saw this demonstrated and couldn’t believe how cool it was. Using the latest LED and touch-screen technology, girls... Read more »

Toy Fair Scoop: Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

February 12, 2013    |    By +
021213 Liz Barbie Digital Mirror

Out of the millions of new toys at Toy Fair I found the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror  and here’s why I think your kids will love it. Toy Name: Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror The Scoop: Transform your iPad into the ultimate digital makeover mirror! This makeup free Vanity allows girls to beautify themselves without... Read more »

Toy Fair: Barbie Fashion Fun for 2012

February 23, 2012    |    By +
Toy Fair: Barbie Fashion Fun for 2012

Toy Fair is the largest international toy and game trade show in the Western Hemisphere. Tens of thousands are on hand to check out over 1,000 exhibitors showcasing and previewing the hottest games, toys and trends for kids (of all ages!). Each year the Gift Gurus walk the over 350,000 square feet of toys... Read more »

Barbie’s Newest Career…Architect

August 31, 2011    |    By +
Barbie’s Newest Career…Architect

Barbie is leaving her pink palace and jet-skiing behind to delve into her new serious career…architecture. This little lady has had more careers than you can count. From rockstar, pet veterinarian, news anchor, and last year’s computer engineer. It seems her baby-sitting days are behind her, given the trend of careers released over the... Read more »

christian louboutin red soles | christian louboutin pigalle pump

March 30, 2015    |    By +

christian louboutin red soles |, christian louboutin pigalle pump Rebecca Minkoff pares things down with the Sienna Tote Over the last five years, contemporary bags have largely taken their aesthetic cues from the It Bags of the mid-2000s. There have been plenty of oversized satchels, cheap christian louboutin shoes uk, fringe-y zipper pulls, stud... Read more »

Gifts to Get Them Organized

February 28, 2014    |    By +

With such a hard winter, many of us are stuck inside. Might as well encourage friends and family to take the opportunity to get organized, as it is a perfect time to refresh, reorganize and deal with some of those tasks that have been pushed off for too long. So if you have any... Read more »

Kwanzaa Gift Ideas

December 26, 2013    |    By +

Kwanzaa (Dec. 26 to Jan. 1) is a spiritual and joyous occasion celebrated in the African-American community. Kwanzaa was created in 1966 and introduced to reinforce seven basic values of African culture. These values are the called the Nguzo Saba, which in Swahili means the Seven Principles. Each of the seven days of Kwanzaa... Read more »

Gifts for the Geeks

December 2, 2013    |    By +

It used to be rude to call someone a geek. They were the braces wearing, skinny, pants-pulled-up, smart kids. The awkward outsiders. But in this technologically advanced society, everyone wants to be geeky, so it’s no longer an insult. Geeky means you are a master of techy gadgets, and hip to eccentric interests and... Read more »

Top 7: Kids Favorite Characters

April 3, 2013    |    By +
040313 Characters

We all had at least one favorite pop culture character as a child. I was a girl obsessed with Barbie and the Little Mermaid so, naturally I wanted every Barbie or Ariel toy that came out. Today kids are still obsessed with Disney princesses, comic book heroes and their favorite TV characters. When searching... Read more »

A Short History of Dolls

December 26, 2012    |    By +

Dolls have been around for millennia, with the first appearing a staggering 15,000 years ago. Since then, they have been, bought, collected and given as gifts to people of all ages for a variety of different cultural and customary reasons. Here is a short history of dolls, explaining some of the interesting and unusual... Read more »

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