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Same Day Valentine’s Day Gifts

February 13, 2013    |    By
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021313 Valentine_thumb

Did you forget about Valentine’s Day? Don’t fret I have you covered! Here are a few last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas  that will surprise and delight your sweetie. A Rose by Any Other Name When you are struggling to find something that can be delivered TODAY, flowers are definitely a safe bet. Many... Read more »

Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Snake!

February 10, 2013    |    By
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Chinese New Year is a time where family members celebrate, reunite, and give thanks. The celebration lasts for 15 days. Each year, my family goes to the temple a week before and the day of the New Year to say thank you to the gods for a healthy and prosperous year. We usually arrange... Read more »

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RECIPE: Red Velvet Whoopie Pie Hearts

February 5, 2013    |    By
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This year, celebrate Valentine’s Day with a scrumptious whoopie pie recipe that will please any Valentine! Of course, if you don’t want to bake you can always buy delicious chocolates in unique flavors like the Organic Spicy Aztec Valentine Chocolate Bar or for something more traditional try the Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffle Heart Biscuit Gift... Read more »

Gourmet Super Bowl Party Recipe!

February 3, 2013    |    By
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When it comes to thinking about what to serve during a Super Bowl event, what usually ends up in most gamers’ bellies are pre-ordered buffalo wings, pizza, beer and nachos. Don’t get me wrong, I love all these options, but, this year I decided I was going to break with bland bar food tradition... Read more »

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Warm Winter Turkey Soup

January 30, 2013    |    By
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With new year’s resolutions still fresh in our minds, most of us want to eat light to shed that holiday weight while still enjoying eating. My soups are always ‘stick to your ribs’ good without actually ‘sticking to your ribs’. Soups are the best way for me to watch what I eat without starving.... Read more »

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Top 10 Cutest Hello Kitty Gifts!

January 22, 2013    |    By
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After receiving a handful of questions about Hello Kitty products on the Gifts.com Facebook Page, I knew it was time to talk about my favorite character and products that we can all have fun collecting! Like all Hello Kitty fans, I have the basic bed sheets, pencil cases, and even hair accessories with her... Read more »

Happy Birthday Aquarius!

January 20, 2013    |    By
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012013 Aquarius-featured

Do you know anyone who is an Aquarius water bearer? If you do they are in the 11th astrological sun sign and are very loyal and honest people. They are known for being intellectual and humanitarians, but can be seen as unemotional or detached. According to our friends at www.astrology-online.com Aquarians basically possess strong... Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions 2013 My Way!

January 9, 2013    |    By
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This year I want to take more time for myself and be less stressed. Last year, when I took a cruise to Bermuda I didn’t want to leave the island because it was so serene! Getting to spend my day by the beach and carefree was amazing. But, I definitely want to have a... Read more »

Happy Birthday Capricorn!

December 24, 2012    |    By
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As the tenth sign, Capricorns are ambitious and reliable. They always try to get to the top, and with their conscientious and patient nature, they’ll probably make it. Their home is filled with photos of the entire family and they cannot get enough of fine art, ceramics, clocks, and watches. For their birthday celebration,... Read more »

Holiday Treats You Can Make and Eat

December 22, 2012    |    By
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Fun Edible Projects

The best part about the holidays are the yummy treats you get to eat with the family but it is even better when the whole family gets together to create their own treats  too! The most classic edible project of all for the holidays is a Gingerbread Candy Cottage Kit ! It is easy... Read more »

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