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Hostess Gifts for Summer Soirees

July 11, 2013    |    By
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Summer hostess gifts

Summer parties can make any of us feel like we are on an extended summer break. Whether hanging out at someone’s pool during a daytime party or on someone’s deck after a delicious meal, the summer air can fool us into thinking we are kids on summer vacation. With all of the fun that’s... Read more »

7 Golden Gifts for 50th Anniversary

May 31, 2013    |    By
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50 years is a long time. It is 18 years longer than MTV has been around. It is 6 years longer than man’s first steps on the moon. Heck, it is 16 years longer than the combined eight marriages of Liz Taylor! No wonder the traditional gift to give is the precious (and expensive)... Read more »

Gift the Trend: Zebra

May 17, 2013    |    By
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It seems like every season the trend experts say something like, “animal prints are back!” I’m not sure how they can be “back” if they are always in, but the bottom line is that a splash of animal print will always make an outfit more fun. If she is sick of the same old... Read more »

7 Gardening Gifts for Mom

May 6, 2013    |    By
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It’s no cliche, moms like to garden. Maybe it’s the chance to soak up a little sun while being productive. We learned in our recent survey, that more than 30% of moms of all ages actually want something garden related as her Mother’s Day gift this year. Perhaps it’s the chance to complete a... Read more »

Spring Trend: Succulents

March 15, 2013    |    By
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Spring Trend: Succulents

When it comes to gardening, I lack three major ingredients to make it happen: 1) a backyard 2) sunlight 3) a green thumb.  Luckily, one of the latest greenery trends, succulents, allows me to fill my apartment with thriving plants without those prerequisites. In layman’s terms, succulent plants usually have meatier leaves & shorter roots... Read more »

How To: Be a Super Aunt!

March 8, 2013    |    By
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I may not have any children of my own, but I do have the honor of being the Aunt of eight boys and two girls, all between the ages of 6-13. And, they all love me! (If I do say so myself) And after all of this practice, I definitely know a thing or... Read more »

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Little Somethings For Small Spaces

February 28, 2013    |    By
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I am in the early stages of redecorating my NYC apartment (translation – small space) It’s a great time to give an old space a facelift, since home trends are showing a lot of mixing different styles together for a more eclectic feel.  I am trying to add in some modern elements along with... Read more »

Valentine Jewelry You’ll Actually Want

February 6, 2013    |    By
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Let’s face it flowers are nice, but they die in a few days. Candy is delicious, but it gets gobbled up in minutes and all that follows is regret. But, jewelry lasts for years & years, just like his love! So, if you are trying to give him a subtle hint or two about... Read more »

Singing Wine Glasses are the Toast of the Town

October 24, 2012    |    By
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  You know you have tried it before, everybody does it at least once. Call it peer pressure, curiosity, showmanship or just annoying behavior. Bottom line, we have all tried to make a crystal glass “sing,” resulting in scorns from friends who hear nothing but noise. That’s what makes these Musical Wine Glasses so ingenious.... Read more »

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Happy Book Lover’s Day!

August 9, 2012    |    By
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Happy Book Lover’s Day!

Yes, there is a holiday for most every hobby, food, and event you can think of if you dig enough. And while some of them are pretty silly, I have to admit, I am liking the idea of Book Lover’s Day which is today. Remember those PSA’s from way (way) back when: “How’d you... Read more »

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