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Top 7: Kids Favorite Characters

April 3, 2013    |    By +
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040313 Characters

We all had at least one favorite pop culture character as a child. I was a girl obsessed with Barbie and the Little Mermaid so, naturally I wanted every Barbie or Ariel toy that came out. Today kids are still obsessed with Disney princesses, comic book heroes and their favorite TV characters. When searching... Read more »

Happy Easter…

March 31, 2013    |    By +
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033113 Easter_facebook

…to your friends, your family, and You! From – The Gift Gurus See all of our favorite Easter gifts! Read the latest Easter trends blog posts! Read more »

Cleverbug Greeting Cards for “Friends”

March 29, 2013    |    By +
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Because of Facebook, I’ve never been more aware of my friends’ birthdays. And, there’s no denying that sending and getting birthday wishes on Facebook feels great. It’s simple and is almost always publicly appreciated…what’s not to love? At the same time, there are some friends who deserve a little more than an “HBD!” message... Read more »

Happy Passover

March 26, 2013    |    By +
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032513 Passover_facebook

Happy Passover from the Gift Gurus! We hope that you’re ready for your seder and that you have a wonderful holiday with family and loved ones. But, if you’re heading to your first Passover you don’t want to miss yesterday’s post: 7 Don’ts for Passover Rookies. Read more »

All Dressed Up: My favorite Looks for Easter

March 19, 2013    |    By +
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031913 Spring-Looks_thumb

  Get the kids ready to look super cute this Easter with my favorite warmer weather dress up looks.         GIRLS: For girl’s it’s all about flirty and floral prints, beautiful hues of pink and sparkly accessories. Look 1 Ralph Lauren girls Spring Floral Dress Crewcuts girls’ gold-button Caroline cardigan Crewcuts... Read more »

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17, 2013    |    By +
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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the little leprechauns at! Today isn’t just about sunshine, rainbows, lucky pots of gold and four leaf clovers. It’s also about…beer…I mean, feasting, for Saint Patrick…the patron saint of Ireland. It has been celebrated as a feast day in Ireland since the 17th century to commemorate St. Patrick... Read more »

Easter Basket Eggstras

March 14, 2013    |    By +
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031413 Easter_thumb

Let’s just admit that it’s as much fun to fill the kids’ Easter Baskets to the brim with goodies as it was to get them when we were little. The looks on their faces is priceless when they see that goldmine of treats! Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of the traditional Easter... Read more »

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Daylight Saving Time: Spring Forward!

March 10, 2013    |    By +
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Though most of us attribute Daylight Saving Time to Benjamin Franklin, it was actually entomologist and astronomer George Vernon Hudson who put the concept on the map more than a century after Franklin birthed the idea. And he did so in order to collect bugs! Hudson was a postal worker by day and an... Read more »

How To: Be a Super Aunt!

March 8, 2013    |    By +
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I may not have any children of my own, but I do have the honor of being the Aunt of eight boys and two girls, all between the ages of 6-13. And, they all love me! (If I do say so myself) And after all of this practice, I definitely know a thing or... Read more »

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Toys Kids Love That Parents Loathe

March 6, 2013    |    By +
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Toys-Kids-Love_blog fixed

Every kid has a favorite toy that their parents can’t stand. So when buying gifts for the little rug rats in your life you may want to think twice about giving them something that will drive the parents bonkers. When you start shopping for kids’ toys it’s important to pay attention to age guidelines... Read more »

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