10 Tips to Throw a Party for the Big Game

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Are you ready for some football? After the hoopla of the holidays, January can seem like a bit of a let down, so let’s just take a moment to say thanks for the excuse to get people together again! It’s going to be a fantastic match-up between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos this Sunday, and the commercials and halftime show promise to be entertaining, too. If you’re thinking about throwing a Super Bowl bash, you’ve only got a few days to pull it together. Lucky for you, this might be the easiest party you’ll plan all year. Here are a few basic tips to get you started.

  1. Make your invite list, and email or call those people today. Personally I don’t mind a last-minute invitation, and it’s likely your friends won’t, either.
  2. Cut down on costs by throwing a potluck event. Jot down a list of items you’ll need (main dish, sides, desserts, drinks) and let your guests choose what to bring.
  3. Shop now and make dishes ahead of time. Think simple, portable finger foods, like pigs in a blanket, wings, chips and dip, and perhaps even a veggie platter. Main dish ideas can include hot dogs, burgers, pizza, tacos, or sub sandwiches. Figure out your serving dishes, so you can ensure you have the right sizes and shapes for everything.
  4. Plastic cups are a simple solution for drinks, but once set down they can get mixed up easily. Have guests write their name on their cups with a permanent marker.
  5. Make it easy and purchase disposable plates and napkins, but offer your guests the use of real silverware (broken plastic utensils=spills!).
  6. Speaking of spills, wild gesturing or raucous cheering can lead to accidents… Prepare by stocking up on paper towels and carpet cleaner, just in case. Or, if possible, remove the rug altogether—bare floors are much easier to clean.
  7. Ice down drinks ahead of time and make sure to offer choices other than beer. Sodas, juice boxes for the kids, and water bottles are all super-easy to throw in an ice-filled cooler in the garage until game day. (Unless temperatures remain sub-zero where you live, in which case you can’t leave things in your garage because they will burst!)
  8. Borrow a TV or two from a friend (or buy yourself an extra one before Sunday). Extreme fans may need a TV to themselves in a room away from any chatter, while more casual spectators may want to visit with the game on in the background.
  9. Offer extra seating for your guests, such as floor pillows or folding chairs, and make sure coasters and tray tables are available so people have ample space to rest their plates and drinks.
  10. Make clean-up a cinch by placing trash cans or bags in multiple spots around the room.

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