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Planning a baby shower can be stressful, especially if you don’t have any kids or have never been to a baby shower and are tasked with the job of hostess. Don’t worry! Planning a baby shower is actually about as easy and fun as it gets. You should already have a theme and a guest list with contact info from your mom-to-be. So, now the creative stuff can happen! To help baby shower first timers everywhere, I thought it would be fun to collect the main elements of any amazing baby shower and share them with you here. Of course, you can always check out our ever evolving Baby Shower Ideas Pinterest Board for the most up-to-date inspiration. But, here is a basic checklist to get you started.


  • Get a guest list and their contact info from the mom-to-be. Include: first name, last name, mailing address, phone number, email
  • Pick a date that doesn’t interfere with holidays or work schedules.
  • Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl or is this a gender neutral party?
  • Does the mom-to-be have a registry? If so, get the information.
  • Does anyone else want to co-plan with you? One or two more people is all you need!
  • Decide on a theme for the shower like: cowboy, princess, lady bug, rubber duckie, you name it!
  • Determine a location for the shower whether at someone’s home or a venue.
  • If you want everyone to chip in for one big gift, set up an account somewhere like

Then, divide up the tasks:

  1. invitations
  2. décor and DIY
  3. snacks and refreshments
  4. games and activities
  5. prizes or party favors


Cute invitations go a long way when luring guests to the party. These are adorable from but you can also go through for an e-card version that is just as classy as old fashioned paper.

from tinyprints

from tinyprints

Then, you need to come up with cute décor and DIY ideas to make the party feel 100-percent baby! I love this spread by High Street Market  because it isn’t overly feminine or masculine and is super stylish and cute.

from high street market blog

from high street market blog

Any time you host some people for a party, you have to give them something to nosh on and something to sip. I love this concept of farm table food by One Charming Party for a shower. You always see cupcakes and sweets as shower snacks but this feels so much more satisfying for everyone including the bun in the oven!

from one charming party

from one charming party

No baby shower is complete without silly baby related games, and there are tons out there from freezing little plastic babies in ice cubes for the “my water broke” game to something a little more tame like these free printable baby shower game ideas from  I love the “Price is Right” game where guests have to guess the cost of baby stuff. Another game that I loved at a shower I went to recently was where everyone got to decorate a plain white snapsuit with non-toxic fabric markers. As they were finished, they were strung on a little clothes line at the party and that became part of the décor. It was adorable and everyone got so creative with their designs!

If you’re going to have games, you have to have prizes! But even if you don’t have games, guests should go home with a little something. I love these little baby shower favor kits that were put together by April Go Lightly. They’re adorable, inexpensive and bring the theme of the party to life even more. The stickers you can make on your computer and the buckets can be purchased at your local craft store. All you have to do is decide what to fill it with!

baby shower favor ideas

Well, those are the basics of baby shower planning. What other tips do you have for the shower planners who are combing for ideas before tackling this super fun task? Please share!

Don’t forget that once you have the party planning under control, it’s time to hunt down the perfect baby shower gift!

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