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While grilling is pretty much a 12-season sport, the prime grilling season is starting to wind down a bit. But no matter the time of year, gifts for grilling are always a good call. Because a pro behind the grill can only be as good as his (or her) tools. And most of the time, grilling tools are either of marginal quality or are in serious need of an update. So I’ve come up with some unique gift picks that are certainly well done. Take this stainless steel tool set ($59.95). This eight-piece set includes everything needed to get the job done, and the customization on the tools themselves and the carrying case makes a great gift even better.


For the griller who already has great tools, look for something unusual, like the Ultimate Flashlight Grill Tongs ($20.95). Design by grilling legend Steven Raichlen, host of the TV show “Primal Grill,” these sturdy, 20-inch tongs include an LED light on the side. Now, with this tool, there is no more guesswork when it comes to grilling after sundown. Bright idea, right?


For the proud grill master, the meal does not end with the goods are taken off the flame. How a grilled meal is served can make all the difference. These personalized steak plates ($74.95) are a great gift and will get used for years. Imagine how good NY Strip and corn on the cob would look served up on these?


For another personalized grill gift idea, you could also do a King of the Grill cutting board.



Many a griller has been awoken at night from the nightmare: The grill ran out of propane! Don’t let that nightmare become a reality, because nothing can derail a meal or party quicker that hitting empty on the tank. A propane gauge ($24.99) shows that you care … care about making sure you have something to eat for dinner!


All cooks are constantly looking to raise their game. A great gift for more experimental outdoor chefs is the BBQ Rub Grill Master Collection ($39.95). Meats, seafood, poultry and veggies can experience a flavor upgrade with this collection of spices and rubs.


To recap, we’ve had some grilling tool gifts and some grilling flavor enhancing gifts. So what would happen if we combined these two super gifting ideas? Well, what you’d have is the Essential Grill Set ($49). This set contains both great grilling tools (spatula, tongs and grill brush), as well as a terrific BBQ sauce and dry rub.


Lastly, from experience, it seems like those who love to grill tend to not take themselves too seriously. If that type of grilling-lover sounds familiar, you can feel safe that they’ll love these Grillin Goggles ($19.99). Yeah, they do look a little quirky, but on a practical level, eye protection from smoke, grease and spicy sauces makes a lot of sense.


Gift Guru Bonus: Know someone who loves to be behind a grill? For all those weekend warriors of the open flame, here is a great Q&A with BBQ Champion and award winning chef Andy Cousins. In my chat with Andy, he gives us some really simple, but excellent grilling tips to take it to the next tasty level. Also a few free recipes from his book Wicked Good Barbeque. Enjoy!


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