Hanukkah Gift Ideas

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I hope you like latkes with your stuffing and playing dreidel during football commercials, because Hanukkah is crazy early this year. It starts the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 27th and ends on Dec. 5th, which means it’s days before Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday (stay tuned to GiftRap for Cyber Monday deals, by the way). This collision of dates and holidays has caused absolute mayhem in the gifting world. As a gift expert, I will help you maneuver this awkwardly timed holiday, which hasn’t fallen like this in 125 years. Contrary to popular opinion, Hanukkah is a minorly important religious holiday in Judaism. It typically occurs closer or into December (near a little holiday called Christmas), so over the years it has taken on a larger gift-giving dimension than it used to.

Hanukkah: Do’s and Don’ts for Gifting

Do – Give gelt instead of edible Christmas treats.  Gelt—gold wrapped chocolate coins—can be bought last-minute at any grocery store, take less time to bake than cookies and shows an appreciation and recognition of Jewish traditions.

Don’t -Wrap your gift in festive Santa Claus, reindeer, or green and red wrapping. If you don’t have Hanukkah paper, use something wintery and non-religious.

Do – Get in the spirit of the Eight Crazy Nights. Some families give eight small gifts for each of the nights instead of larger ones. (If you do this, make sure to stock up on wrapping paper!)

Don’t  - Wait to give your Hanukkah gifts on Christmas. Gift when the holiday takes place; this year, it starts at sundown on Nov. 27.

Hanukkah Gift Ideas

A Good Game

Dreidel can get a little repetitive year after year. Spice up your family or your friends’ holiday game routine by gifting Quick Shtick ($18). There are 40 different categories, based on Jewish traditions, to test everyone’s wits.  A little more exciting than the four sides of a dreidel, ehh?


A Modern Hanukkah Candle

There’s nothing more “Festival of Lights” appropriate to gift anyone on your gift list than a chicly designed candle. It’s $30 and the perfect pop of blue color. Each candle can be personalized to add a thoughtful touch.



Seasonal Sparkler

Get your giftee in the spirit right from the get-go.  Since the Hanukkah is so early this year, it’s a lovely excuse to give something that can be used throughout the whole holiday season. Obviously, we immediately think of something festive and … glittery.  Try Deborah Lippman Glitter Nail Polish ($19).



A Grown-Up Menorah

This isn’t the little menorah your temple sends everyone when you head off into the real world, this is a beautiful, grown up menorah. The Nambe “Ilume” menorah ($175) has a sculptural, elegant design.



Confetti Platter

Modern and lively, this serving platter ($29.95) would be ideal for serving latkes on. (You might also enjoy this fun story on how some cooks are combining Hanukkah and Thanksgiving food concepts.)


For other Hanukkah gift ideas and gifts for all occasions (though we have to admit, Thanksgivukkah is a stretch!) visit Gifts.com.

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