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Listen folks, we are getting down to the wire on holiday shopping time. With just a few days left to go, you need some serious strategy to get those final gifts purchased, wrapped, and delivered. Though we’d love to spend oodles of time hopping from store to store in search of that one very special gift that just jumps out, let’s be honest, that’s not an option anymore. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that anyone needs to feel forgotten. Lucky for you, I’ve got some solutions, 10 to be exact! Most of these are certificates you can print out at home, but they are specific and feel more personal than a generic gift card to the giftee’s favorite store. Put some thought into who you’re shopping for and what you know about them while choosing this gift so that it doesn’t look like a last-ditch effort. This could be the best 5 minutes you’ll spend shopping all year!

 1. SpaFinder Gift Certificates: I dare you to try and find someone who would be unhappy to receive a gift certificate to a spa–it’s impossible! SpaFinder’s gift certificates are accepted at over 7,000 locations worldwide, so pretty much wherever you are, you’re just around the corner from being pampered. And with every gift card or certificate you purchase, you have the option to mail it in a pretty box, print it out and hand it over in person, or email it for the ultimate instant gift.

2. Tickets to a show or sporting event: Everyone’s looking for a night out. Even better, a night out to see their favorite team play ball, or to catch the band they’ve been digging, live. Find tickets to countless sporting events, concerts, and theater shows in just seconds by way of  StubHub or fair-trade ticketing company Brown Paper Tickets. This is a fun gift to give if you’ve had a conversation about sports or music lately. Note to self: bring up sports and music for future five minute gifting opportunities. That way you’ll know exactly what tickets to get.

3. Gift Certificate to a Tasting: What’s the most universally fun vehicle for indulging? Food and drink, of course! Give the gift of trying the best cheeses, wines, chocolates, or micro brews, and just wait for that thank you call to come. Gifts.com has an interactive experience map that will help you pick the perfect tasting in their town, or wherever you know they’re going to be.

4. Adventure Certificate: Your friends are always talking about how they want to try something new. Why not put them to the test? Race car driving, anyone? Bike tour? Scavenger hunt? The time is now. And while you’re at it, get yourself a gift certificate too and join them for a memory that you’ll talk about for years!

5. Of the Month Club Membership: Ever wish you got a couple gourmet pastas and specialty sauces sent to you in the mail every month? Or better yet, a new variety of all-natural, gourmet cheesecake? It’s possible with an “of the month club.” Choose one that caters to your giftee’s passions; they will surely love the idea as much as you do. And who doesn’t like getting a present every month instead of on just one day? I surely wouldn’t turn that down!

6. Give a Kindle Book: Your guy got a Kindle for his birthday, so now he needs some books to go with it. Choose from over a million books to find the right one, or ones, and have them delivered directly to his kindle whenever you want. You don’t even need a Kindle yourself to make the transaction!

7. Fandango Bucks Movie Gift Certificates: Give the gift of some big-screen action with Fandango bucks, good for any movie available for ticketing on Fandango.com, and with no expiration date! Plus, you can customize your gift card with a photo and print out at home, or email it instantly. Don’t forget to include a note that you are taking the giftee to the movie of his or her choice for some quality bonding time!

8. iTunes Gift Certificate: Does your best friend always complain to you about how she wishes she owned more music? Give her the chance to load up her iPod with whatever music her heart desires–and she will be singing your praises, and the tune of her new favorite song, in no time. Plus, you can also use an iTunes gift certificate to purchase movies, TV shows, apps, games, books, and more. You decide how much you want your gift to be worth, starting at $15.

9. Name a Star in Their Honor: Remember Fievel’s song in An American Tail about looking up at the same big sky and wishing on the very same star, no matter where you are? Now you can do that too. Name a star after your friend or family member just by making a simple phone call, and know that when you’re away on a work trip, or he’s out camping with his buddies, you can both look up at the same star, your star, and think of each other.

10. Magazine Subscription: Your mom is always buying the same magazine at the bookstore, but she won’t just commit to a subscription. Do her a favor and get one for her as a gift. It’s way less expensive than having to buy a magazine off the stands each month, and you’ll save her the time and effort, to boot.

Remember, that it is all about your personalized note in the card that will show them the thought that you put into these instant and inspired gifts. Whether it’s your co-worker’s birthday, a surprise guest at a holiday gift exchange, or an event that you completely forgot about, you now know that there isn’t any excuse for showing up empty handed to any gift giving occasion. Happy gifting!


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