7 Family Road Trip Finds

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family-road-trip-tipsThere’s no denying that summer is the ultimate time for…loading up the car and taking a road trip with the family! If you’re hitting the road with the kids this summer, a plan is needed in terms of the gear that gets the green light. Since half the fun (and the frustration!) is getting there, here are seven gifts that will help the summer road trip avoid the speed bumps and go as smoothly as possible.

It’s not a big surprise that a little tech can go a long way on the highway. To that end, a great gadget for the car is a 180 Watt Cup Inverter by Energizer. This charger can charge up to five gadgets at once via four USB charging ports and one standard AC outlet. This gadget’s benefits are twofold. First, power is not drained while on the road and second, once out of the car, tech gear will be fully charged and ready to go.

cup charger

Nowadays, nearly every event is captured and shared so it’s important to think about how to chronicle the summer trip. The Olloclip is an attachment that fits over the iPhone camera lens. Olloclip enables three types of shots to be executed. Creative fisheye, wide-angle and macro shots will add some professional photo flare to your vacay pictures without having to lug around a camera aside from your phone.

olloclip iphone camera accessory

It almost goes without saying, but if the plan is to travel without some great tunes, it’s gonna be a rough trip. While in-car tunes are easy to pull off, once away from the car it will be a huge help to have the Rugged Rukus Solar Powered Speaker. The Bluetooth enabled speaker is ready for any and all types travel. A nonstop soundtrack to the vacation will be possible with the solar powered unit, and it has the ability to charge gadgets too! Double win!

rukus solar

The Cosmo Headlamp slays a few road trip birds with one stone. Aside from being a helpful tool to use hands-free, it’s a (non) scientific fact that kids love flashlights. So whether a light is needed at night to track down something in the car or at the campsite, OR if a little quiet, night reading time is needed for the little ones, a headlamp is great road trip gear to have on hand.


As most parents will attest, a road trip will not get too far without an ample supply of snacks. A great way to go is to pack snacks in Klean Kanteen food canisters. These stainless steel containers are a “green” idea as they replace paper and plastic bags, and they help with portion control too!


As a road trip chauffer, I can’t say I mind the quiet moments when logging big miles. A handful of Cat Nap Transit Pillows in the car are a super travel investment. These pillows are easy to inflate and deflate and are simple to store. The fleece cover is super comfy and washable too. We all know it’s not easy to hit the hay on the road but a good travel pillow helps!


Lastly, for any road trip, it’s just plain smart to prepare for when things don’t go as planned. For such instances, peace of mind comes in a 32 ounce water bottle filled with helpful tools to get out of a jam. The Auto Aid in a Bottle contains flashlight, utility knife, screwdriver, digital tire gauge, safety flasher, reflective vest and carabiner key chain. It’s good for any trip and wise to just leave in the car.

auto aid in a bottle

These gift ideas for the summer road trip plus great company will make for a memorable trip. Need more ideas? Here are some more great travel gift ideas and more posts on what’s hot this summer.

Have fun!


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