21st Birthday Gift Ideas

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041713 21st bday thumbTurning 21 is a rite of passage, and an official legal welcome into the world of alcohol consumption. Being one of those special milestone birthdays, you want to give a memorable 21st birthday gift. But, as a parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent you probably don’t want your 21st birthday gift to encourage alcohol poisoning or a life long battle with substance abuse. So, what do you give without seeming like a stick in the mud? I’m here to help! Here are a handful of excellent 21st birthday gift ideas that will win you some “cool” points without any guilt.


Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist: $10.74
If they’re an English major, love literature or dream of being a writer, this is the perfect cocktail recipe book for their book shelf.

tequila mockingbird

 Chemistry Cocktail Set: $39.99
Make learning how to make real cocktails more like working in a mad scientist’s laboratory with this playful cocktail creation set.

chemistry cocktail set

Happy Hour Clear Shafts Swizzle Sticks: $14.99
Show them how to dress up a classy cocktail with a colorful set of swizzle sticks. Maybe they’ll switch out a swizzle stick for a shot glass.

swizzle sticks


Speakeasy: The Employees Only Guide to Classic Cocktails Reimagined: $17.49
For the know-it-all 21 year old … wait, isn’t that all of them? … This cocktail recipe book reimagines classic drinks from the famous New York City speakeasy Employees Only.


David Yurman Women’s 5mm Signature Cable Bangle: $350
When you’d rather show them that turning 21 is an important step toward growing up, a classic designer bangle will be a regular selection from her jewelry box for years to come. It goes well with everything from jeans to evening wear.

david yurman bangle

Lacoste Men’s Berlin Bracelet Sans Coloris: $250
If you don’t want to give anything that would encourage imbibing, a nice watch that symbolizes their new level of maturity is a great plan.


Another fun thing you can do in your card is tell the birthday boy/girl what you got when you came of age and could finally get yourself a drink. How did you celebrate your 21st, or was it legal on your 18th birthday? In fact, tell us your story! We’d love to hear it. What did your parents get you?


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