2nd Anniversary Gifts: Modern vs. Traditional

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2nd anniversary gift ideas

2nd anniversaries tend to fly under the radar, but they don’t have to! Now is the perfect time to review what the traditional and modern gifts are for this often overlooked occasion. In a survey that we conducted at Gifts.com, we discovered that the absolute limit for calling a couple “newlyweds” is two years (although I think it’s as long as you feel like it). So, the two-year anniversary is a milestone after all!

Now that we’ve established that this is an important occasion, I’m going to tell you all there is to know about 2nd Anniversary Gift ideas.

Second anniversaries are generally only celebrated by a few people:

A. the couple themselves

B. the parents of the couple (if you’re lucky)

C. the siblings of the couple (if you’re really lucky)

If anyone else sends you a gift for your 2nd anniversary, remember them. They are a rare kind of friend these days and should be thanked for their generosity and kindness.

Let’s get down to it! What is the symbolic gesture for the 2nd anniversary?

Traditionally it’s: Cotton

The modern option is: China

The traditional gem stones are: Rose Quartz OR Garnet

In my humble opinion, anniversary gifts should be gifts that are meant to last the duration of the marriage and possibly even reach heirloom status to be handed down for generations. Here are some gift ideas that will do just that, for a variety of budgets. Happy gifting & happy anniversary!


2nd anniversary cotton gifts

Luxury Cotton Blanket:
100-percent Cotton Luxury Herringbone Blanket from Brahm’s Mount, made in Maine, USA. This blanket will last a lifetime and is made of luxurious American cotton in the U.S.A. Maine is famous for its looms so this is the perfect gift for the newlyweds’ nest. It’s light enough to use in the summer and the perfect extra layer in the winter. It runs $200 to $400. If you need something more affordable, Things Remembered has a chevron solid throw blanket that is $40 and can be embroidered with the couple’s name.

Extra Large Brazilian Cotton Hammock big enough for 3 people, but perfect for lazing the day away as a happy couple. This hammock has a fun fringe that makes it look extra special, just like your anniversary. Of course, any cotton hammock makes a perfect 2nd anniversary gift…fringe or no fringe.
$50 – $250

To go way off the map; a cotton candy machine could be a lot of fun for you to pull out every once in a while.

Or, matching luxurious bathrobes are a classic and cozy way to go.


2nd anniversary china gifts

The obvious choice here is to finish collecting the fine china place-settings from that you didn’t get from your registry (before the pattern goes away). But, I have some other fun ideas that I think you’ll like too.

 Bone China Lamp: Decorate your home with a beautiful bone china lamp that will be an heirloom for generations. Most fine decorating stores and antique shops have these so you can definitely find one that meets the couple’s unique style.

Or, get yourselves a unique porcelain accent for the home like something from Jonathan Adler. I love this Whale Pitcher ($98) and Ceramic Elephant ($148) Of course, you can pick any ceramic or china accent that you like from any designer that reflects the bride and groom’s style.

It’s a stretch, but if your bank account is in excellent shape, why not take the trip of a lifetime to China and get some real china as a souvenir? If you haven’t had children yet, this is a great time to take a big trip!

Rose Quartz OR Garnet:

This is a toughie. Maybe you all can suggest to me some rose quartz ideas as a 2nd anniversary gift? All that I can think of is jewelry, which can be nice but seems predictable. Of course, matching cufflinks and necklace could be a sweet touch.  Not that they have to wear them at the same time, but the fact that you got them at the same time is enough to make them 2nd anniversary worthy.

If you think this was interesting, you should see all of our Anniversary Gift Ideas and our Anniversary Gift Guide that walks you through the traditional and modern gifts for every anniversary and suggests fabulous gifts for the milestones.
Happy anniversary and happy gifting!

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