4 Steps for Dads to Rock Mother’s Day

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For moms with young ones, Mother’s Day can, in many ways, be ironically re-named Father’s Day. It’s these first few years for new moms, where dads really have to step up their game to make Mother’s Day extra special. And let’s face it, in those first few years, Mom more than deserves an extra special day. So here is a 4 point plan for dads to follow to make sure mom’s day is both terrific and memorable.


#1 Ask her…
First and foremost, discuss Mother’s Day with her well before May 12th. Ask her what would be on her ultimate Mother’s Day to-do list, and do your best to put that list into a Mother’s Day game plan. Don’t be shy about having a few ideas of your own, but ultimately it’s her day and you’re doing what she wants! Just showing the interest and foresight for making her day great will be greatly appreciated.

#2 The Gift…
The kids will probably have made something at school. Those are great and tend to stand the gifting test of time, but you gotta go beyond the school-created masterpieces. Since the kids thankfully don’t have credit cards yet, you’re in charge of the store-bought gifts.

*Huge Gift Guru tip. At all costs, steer clear of any “gift” that is somewhat related to cleaning, cooking, laundry, or your interests…unless she clearly and repeatedly asks for such a gift.

She’ll love flowers and they are a great start, but no need to stop there. A classic photo gift is always a memorable touch. From personal, past experience, you can never go wrong with a new, comfy, set of pajamas …because….

041913 flowers

Personalized Frame Picture


#3 You are going to let her sleep in…
Again, unless she explicitly tells you otherwise, you are going to let mom sleep as long as she wants on Mother’s Day. Part “B” of this plan is that you should prepare (or purchase) breakfast for her for when she does get up. Kids love to help with this one, but again, unless things go Hindenburg-ly wrong in the kitchen, don’t wake her to ask things like where she keeps the pancake mix.

PJ Set

#4 Handwritten note…
Lastly, dad should put pen to paper and tell her why she’s the best mom ever. Tell her how inspired and grateful you are by what a great mom she is and how you never for-a-second take her for granted. The time and thought put into a note for her on Mother’s Day will be something she won’t forget.

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