5 Fabulous DIY Baby Shower Gifts

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Sometimes the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts are those that are made by hand with love. A homemade present carries with it love and sentiment that you can’t get from a toaster oven or other store bought gifts. Read on for some ideas of gifts that you can make yourself for a baby shower.

Baby’s First Album

An album will be a cherished memento to commemorate important milestones in a baby’s life. It can include sections for first hair clippings, first outfit, first hat and mittens and more. Create nice pages into which the new parents can insert photographs, birth announcements, copies of invitations and other items

To create a personalized album, you can purchase an album at any home or craft store. Another good idea is to make your own by purchasing an empty album and then inserting pretty craft paper with labels on each page. The parents can then add their own photos throughout the baby’s childhood

A slight variation of this is to create a picture collage for the baby. This might be difficult since there are no pictures available, but again, you can create spaces for baby’s birthdays, holidays and other milestones. This can then be hung on a wall in the family’s home and filled in over time. It will create a memento that they’ll cherish forever.

Baby Basket

A traditional and useful present is a baby basket filled with items that the new mommy and daddy will need. It can include diapers, onesies, toys, blankets and other goodies. This is a great idea for a group present too. Each person can contribute one item, and everyone might also want to pitch in some money to purchase a gift card to go along with the basket. A baby basket is great for combining a mixture of homemade and purchased gifts. Who doesn’t like rummaging through a pile of fun and practical little baby things?

Quilt, Blanket or Crocheted Item

This is a lovely handmade gift idea for a new baby. You can include all kinds of patchwork material, or small patches from every member of the family for the baby as a keepsake. Since this is something that might take some time, consider starting early.

Traditional pieces of cloth to include in a quilt can be patches from the mother’s wedding gown, pieces of the mother and father’s baby clothes or blankets if available and other memorable items.


Clothing can also be made for a new baby if you have some time, and skill, on your hands. This can include knitted hats, mittens, dresses or sweaters. Choose fun baby colors such as pastel pink, blue, yellow, green and purple. These can later be saved by the parents as keepsake items since they are handmade. You can make a set of clothing or one of each different piece. Be sure to make them appropriate sizes or a bit larger if you want the baby to grow into them. There are many patterns available online & at your local sewing or fabric stores. Patterns help a lot with teeny tiny pieces like baby clothes

If you are not a sewer, you can still make your outfit unique by getting your clothing pieces embroidered. Embroidering adds a nice personal touch, and don’t worry if the parents don’t have the name picked out, you can just use the families last name. Gifts.com features some great embroidering options

Hand-Carved Wooden Furniture

For those who are handy with wood and building, furniture is an excellent DIY present for a baby. Good ideas include a stool or wooden memory chest for keeping baby’s keepsake items such as blankets, clothing and albums. This can be kept at the foot of the bed and taken with the child as she grows up and leaves home. A small rocking chair can be kept in the baby’s room as he or she grows up. If you are very handy, you can fashion a full size rocking chair for the mother to sit in as she nurses. It can then be painted or carved for decoration. Other items include cradles or cribs, but appropriate safety precautions should be taken when creating these items. These items, if sturdy and durable, can become family heirlooms and be passed on from one generation to the next. Of course, you have to have access to the necessary tools. But, this can be a gift that is appreciated for generations.

Hi, my name is Vanessa. Many of my close friends have been having babies lately and DIY gifts have been a great way to save money, and add a personal touch. When I’m not attending baby showers, I write for PartSelect.com where I put my years of DIY learning’s to good use.



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