5 Fun Ideas for New Big Sisters

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Sometimes the transition of a new arrival can be a little shocking to the other siblings especially if they are in the toddler and preschool years. To make this transition a little easier gives a surprise for the new big sister to make her feel special.

I’m lucky enough to have two sisters in my life but I’ll never forget when my younger sister, Jenny, came home. It wasn’t like you might think, I couldn’t wait for someone to come take her away! Of course that never happened and I eventually got used to having a little sister at home.

Check out my list of must have “big sister” gifts to make her feel proud of her new baby sister.

The Super Incredible Big Sister Book

I love this personalized book, to show the new big sister what an important and exciting responsibility it is to help out with her new little sibling. This book also comes with a medal to make her even feel more proud and also gives her something to brag about.

incredible big sister book

Big Sister Keepsake Book

For the child who is going to be a sibling for the first time I love this customizable keepsake book. This 24 page journal allows the older sibling to record things that happen during mommy pregnancy.

Big Sister BookBig Sister Sibling Tee

Give your little one something to wear on the day her little sister comes home. She will love bragging to everyone and anyone who sees her awesome shirt.

big sis hailey big ella sister

 Big Sis Necklace

For anyone who is over the age of 3, I love this keepsake necklace that she can proudly wear to tell everyone that she is now a big sister.

big sis necklace

American Girl Bitty Baby

Having a new sibling can sometimes be a shock no matter how much you prepare. I love the idea of giving your little one at home a new baby doll for her to care for.  My favorite pick is American Girl Bitty.

bitty baby

Not only are these dolls well-made, but they come in different hair color and skin tone collections that will match her to a “T”. Have her take care of her new baby doll just like mommy does with some fun added accessories such as a stroller or diaper bag.

diaper bag baby stroller


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