6 Gifts to Set up Your Holiday Gift Closet!

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The holidays can be stressful, so now that we are still far enough out that we can think straight, you should seriously consider stocking a few gifts on hand for unexpected guests and last minute party invitations. I like to call it the “holiday gift closet” but it can be a shelf, under a bed, or in the garage! Trust me, there will be a day this holiday season when something comes up and you will thank yourself for getting ahead of the game!

A few great gifts you want to keep on hand would be a Hootch-Owl Corkscrew modeled after the famous hootch owl design from the 1930s, this double-lever corkscrew is as powerful as it is charming. The wings feature bottle openers, making it a multi-functioning tool for every bar!

For any foodie host/hostess you know has it all, a Culinary Growing Kit that holds three white ceramic pots and a bright, textural array of crunchy herbs, veggies or edible flowers, just waiting to be snipped!

Other great gifts to have on hand are the 2 Piece Wine Chilling Carafe because it’s made of mouth-blown, lead free crystal and features an inner ice chamber with an airtight stopper that fits into the larger carafe. It also holds a standard bottle of wine! And , the Molecular Mixology Mojito Kit Set allows you to deconstruct your favorite drink, to change the look and feel of ingredients, impress dinner guests, and to take your taste buds on an adventure!

Every gift closet should have a Sticks & Stones Swizzle Set designed to keep drinks perfectly mixed without the diluting effects of ice! These natural Sea Stone Swizzle Sticks are the perfect addition to any bar in any house.

Lastly, the Reclaimed Slate Cheese Board is a clever cheese board made of reclaimed chalkboards from Franklin Elementary School in Quincy, Illinois, you’ll never mix up cheeses ever again! Just make sure that you use non-toxic chalk!

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