7 Baby Shower Gifts for People Who Live in Small Spaces

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As a mom-to-be, I have chronic cute-itis. Don’t worry, cute-itis is not life-threatening. However, my cute-itis has me cooing over every cute baby thing that I come across (and in my job at Gifts.com, I come across A LOT) from infant skinny jeans to ginormous gingham gliding rockers. But here’s my buzz kill: I live in Brooklyn, in a 500-square-foot apartment. We are barely going to have room for a crib, let alone a whole bunch of accessories, gadgets, and cute little thingy-ma-doodles. This makes my baby shower exciting and daunting at the same time.

Of course I want to celebrate this incredible moment in time with my family and friends, but how can I guide them toward gifts that won’t squeeze us out of our little love nest? I know that I’m not the only person who is having a baby in a tiny apartment so this guide is for them, and their baby shower attendees. These gifts are all super practical, compact, and cute (of course!).  Moms-to-be, add them to their registry to help loved ones get gifts that you will really use. I also wanted to mention that some of these gift ideas are great for parents who will be traveling with a baby, too.

If you have a baby and live in a small space, tell us what products saved your life and which ones were a total waste? Share in our comments section!

Cariboo Gentle Motions Bassinet ($410). For new parents with limited space, the thought of a bassinet may seem crazy. Who has space for something that you’ll only use for a few months? Well, this solves that problem because it folds right up after you’re finished. Until the next baby comes along that is! But, parents will be so happy to have their baby right by their side for those endless nighttime feedings. And, they won’t even have to worry about putting the crib together for 6 months!

foldable bassinet

I have to say that bathing the baby took a lot of thought at our house. Our kitchen sink is what most people would consider a bar sink and our bathroom storage space is about, well, nonexistent. So, I found two solutions that lay flat but work perfectly with our small space. The Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub ($59.99)  folds flat and hangs with a hook right in the shower. It has an extra bar that converts the tub into an infant tub and the drain spout is at the lowest point so it’s easy to clean.

Boon tub

The PUJ Tub  ($44.99) is another option for the earliest days when I really don’t want to or can’t bend over the tub. It will fit in the smallest of sinks and props the infant up for safe bathing. And, to store it, it can go right on top of the fridge, no problem!

baby bath in sink


Baby carriers can get super bulky. The Moby Wrap ($22.95) can double as baby blankets and easily tie around Mom or Dad to make a perfect pocket for babies all the way up to 35 pounds, which means beyond 2 years old in most cases. Hopefully, they’re walking and using a stroller by then. (Stay tuned for more on strollers in an upcoming blog!)

Moby Wrap

Frog Pod Bathtub Accessory ($20) It doesn’t get much cuter than this little guy, who is an space-saving storage solution for the tub. Stash bath toys and gear in here, and your giftee won’t have to overcrowd their already full shower shelf.

frog bath toy organizer


Graco Pack ‘n Play Element Playard ($120.99)  A Pack ‘n Play might seem sort of crazy but it can actually become the new BFF of a family in a small space. This are multi-taskers at their finest. Many Playards feature bassinets, changing tables, and multiple mattress settings that convert from crib to playpen. And, it can fold up easily to take to Grandpa’s or Auntie’s house, so that the parents can take a breather.

Graco Pack 'n Play

Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Easy Bath Kneeler    ($24.99) This lays right over the edge of the tub, provides a soft surface to kneel on while washing the little one, and has storage pockets for stuff like baby wash and shampoo.

kneeler for the tub

Now that you know what parents who live in small spaces really need, spread the word!

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