7 Beach Essentials for Summer

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It’s about that time of the year we North Easterners look forward to most; Summer! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the flowers are in full bloom and everyone’s a little happier. The word alone makes me smile. As the hottest season of the year approaches, there’s always one place I look forward to spending as much of my time as possible and that is the beach. There’s something so magical about feeling the warm sand beneath your toes and listening in as the ocean waves collide with the shore. With the seemingly never ending list of beach items I am constantly wanting to pack for various activities, I decided to compose a list of the ultimate essentials no beach goer should do without.

Protect Yourself:

Skin protection should be the first beach essential that ends up in your adorable, sand proof beach tote. The Kiss My Face Water Resistant Sunspray Lotion has an SPF of 30 and is sure to do the job when protecting you from the sun’s harsh UV rays. The most fashionable form of protection is this Stripe Summer Straw Hat, that’s big enough to protect your face and shoulders from the sun.

Kiss My Face Sunspray Lotion JCrew Striped Hat


Just because you will be dipping in and out of water all day doesn’t mean your body will be hydrated. It’s the opposite in fact! Prevent dehydration by packing water. The Vapur Flexible Anti-Bottle is eco-friendly and it collapses to fit in your pocket. In addition to water, sipping on a glass of wine is ALWAYS a good idea and depending on beach regulations, the Menu Baggy Wine Coat allows you to transport your favorite vino. Yum.

Vapor Flexible Anti Bottle Menu Baggy Wine Coat

Listen to Music:

A day at the beach isn’t complete without a soundtrack. The Beach Sounds Portable Speaker lets you rock out at the beach by enclosing your mp3 player or smart phone inside its water resistant compartment. Your music gadget is then safe from any harm while creating a vibe on its powerful speakers.

Beach Sounds Portable Speakers

Lay Out In Style:

We’ve all been there, the moment you arrive to your chosen patch of beach when you realize you brought your personal bath towel and it just isn’t big enough. Invest in a good quality oversized beach towel like the Personalized Oversized Polka Dot Beach Towel. It will last for ages and will really make laying out a whole lot more comfortable.

Oversized Personalized Towel

Have Fun! 

Although the beach is relaxing, how long can you really lay there without the humdrums creeping up? Flaunt your beach bod and get a great workout with the Instant Beach Ball! Rather play a game while lounging? The Tic Tac Toe Game & Oversized Towel will be super fun without breaking a sweat.

Instant Beach BallTic Tac Toe Beach Towel

Capture Memories:

Summer comes just as fast as it goes, so make sure you are making beach memories and capturing them with an appropriately stylish camera. Lomography never disappoints. This vintage designed camera not only looks good, it produces beautiful pictures. I suggest getting the La Sardinia Metal Edition because, how cute will you look snapping beach candids with this?

La Sardinia CameraEat!

I don’t know about you, but when I make a trip out to the beach, I’m usually there for most of the day, and hey, a girl’s gotta eat right? Packing food and snacks from home is easy with the Neoprene lunch tote that’s made of insulated material to keep your cold foods cold for up to 4 hours. Bring on the fresh fruit salad! The Folding Wood Picnic Table is the perfect instant lunch or early dinner table setting, beach side.

Neoprene Lunch BagOf course, everyone has all kinds of beach related rituals, so just in case this list falls short of your ocean expectations make sure you visit our summer inspired blog posts for all this season has to offer.


Let us know what beach essentials you cannot live without in the comments below…


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