Impress Guests with these Sweet Treats

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Bite Size Sweets

As we all know, anytime someone invites you to a party at their house no matter how much food they lay out, there’s always something missing… and that is bite-size desserts! Wine is a gift you can never go wrong with when you go to a party but to give something that not only looks good but tastes just as delicious is a work in progress. Luckily I am going to tell you which desserts can be easily be purchased and some that you can make that will surely please anyone!


Buy these!

Fairytale Brownies Sprite Extravaganza $149.95: This massive spread contains 96 snack size brownies in a beautiful purple and brown gift box.Fairytale Brownies

Godiva Ultimate Dessert Truffles Gift Box $50: Made for those with a craving for a sweet culinary adventure! These truffles are inspired by classic cakes, pastries, and tarts! And they look as pretty as they are tasty!Godiva Ultimate Dessert Truffles

French Macarons $65: Little delicate almond meringue cookies are like biting into fluffy clouds! The insides are filled with cream or jelly combinations that will have guests raving.French Macaroons

Petit Fours $29.95: Classic petite cakes are made of layers of vanilla sponge cake filled with flavorful icings, ganaches, and jams, and don’t forget the delicious top layer of marzipan! Guests will delight in popping eight layers of cake in one bite.Petite Fours

Make these!

Mini Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes: Here is the ultimate cheat sheet to cupcakes, find the best and most reviewed recipe.  I decided to use Ina Garten since I love her recipes and this one is super easy. People will think Ina Garten made them for the party! Mint Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes* recipe courtesy of the Food Network

Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies: These are fool proof cookies! If I can make then you can too. Just remember they have to be small pieces so everyone gets a taste! Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies*courtesy of Pioneer Woman

Meringue Cookies: These little crisp pillows will melt in your mouth with a cup of coffee! They are easy to make but require a little bit more time than other desserts. Trust me though, the end result will have people asking how you made something so sensational! Meringue Cookies*courtesy of the Food Network

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