7 Cliché Gifts for Mom That Rock

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We all know them…the gifts that people give to mom year after year after year after year. And hey, why not? It worked the first time, so why mess it up by trying something else? Well, if you like the comfort of picking a gift in one of those cliche categories I am here to help get you out of that rut! Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you do anything crazy! I know you have your limits too. I have some ideas on how you can take what you usually do and freshen it up so that mom will be surprised but not shocked. Happy Gifting!


Instead of the standard bouquet, go for a trendy heart-shaped succulent garden. These easy to care for plants will give the bragging rights to all of her friends that she has one of the trendiest gardens in town. Read our blog post on the succulent trend for more details.

a mothers love flowers

A Mother’s Love $39.99


Birthstone Jewelry

Forget the classic birthstone or family tree jewelry. One piece is more than enough for most moms. This year, give her something stylish that will dress up any outfit from leggings to a date night dress. I love this one from J.Crew because it is classic but glam. Mom deserves a little sparkle!

pave bracelet

Classic Pave Link Bracelet $125


Gardening Gifts

Yes, you heard right! Mom can officially name her very own rose. The easy-to-use growing guide helps even the most novice gardener grow a beautiful rose from seeds. Once her rose is planted, simply follow the included instructions to officially register the rose name of her choice.

name a rose gift set

Name a Rose Gift Set $36.49


Breakfast in Bed

Forget the potential for disaster when presenting a tray of hot coffee, orange juice, and syrup to mom in bed. Prepare breakfast and eat it in the kitchen. But, make it special by getting pretty flowers for the table & putting up a chalkboard that features in your nicest handwriting the menu du jour. The chalkboard can be used over and over again to keep track of upcoming events, grocery lists, or fun messages to and from the family.

framed chalkboard

Framed Chalkboard $99


 Photo Keepsake

A book of the “year in photos” is always a tear jerker with Mom, in a good way! But, if you want to try something new this year, I love the Andy Warhol Style Pop Art canvas because it takes any one of your favorite family photos and turns it into a modern work of art. It’s a little pricey, but worth every penny. Just choose your image carefully. Something with a lot of contrast is good.

warhol portrait

Warhol pop art portrait on canvas from your photo 16×16 inch $203


 World’s Best Mom

In our recent survey, we found that only 13% of moms actually want a World’s Best Mom gift. So, do something slightly more modern that will fit in with her life a little bit more. “Whether it’s for her ever-present smile or the way she can hug away any hurt, let her know she’s appreciated with a personal message admiring the traits that make everyone extra proud to call her mom.” Your message can have 40 characters and so can your names. 12”x18”

love you pillow

Dear Mom Throw Pillow + Insert $62.95


Go out for a Meal

There’s a reason why Mother’s Day is the busiest restaurant day of the year, but you can turn your tradition on its head by taking mom somewhere totally unique. A Food or Wine Experience is just the ticket for getting the family together for some quality bonding time. “With experiences ranging from Walking Food Tours and Chocolate Making Classes to Private Wine Tastings and In Home Cooking Classes, you are sure to find” something that will make Mom’s heart & appetite happy.

food and wine experiences

Food and Wine Experiences $100

 I hope that this guide helps you stay in your comfort zone while giving mom something new this year. But if you need more inspiration…

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