7 Essential Tech Gadgets for Camping

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There is somewhat of a paradox when it comes to the world of technology and how it impacts the time we spend outdoors. Shouldn’t something as simple as hiking or camping be entirely free from gadgets and the influence of technology? But the truth is, using technology on the trail is not only practical, it can be a matter of safety. Having the right tools can create peace of mind for those out in the wilderness, as well as the people who love them back home. I’ve picked out some essential camping-gadget gifts that can help people enhance their outdoor adventures.

The eXplorist 510 handheld GPS ($169.99) is a durable, weatherproof, and easy-to-use mapping and navigation tool. It allows users to see scores of maps in both 2D and 3D views, and document their adventures with an integrated camera and microphone.


A headlamp is a must-have at the campsite, allowing for hands-free lighting. This Tikka headlamp ($29.95) one has 40 lumens that create a beam that shines up to 95 feet. That’s impressive power in an easy-to-stash, three- ounce package.


While a smartphone can grab some nice shots, a great point-and-shoot camera is still the best option to capture super quality pictures. The Canon PowerShot G15 ($500) packs a ton of near-DSLR quality features like high speed auto-focus, superior low light performance, and amazing 1080p Full HD in stereo capture. Yet this camera is small enough to stow in a pocket or pack.


For those whose outdoor experiences get a little more extreme, the GoPro Hero3  ($396.50) camera is the must-get gift. GoPro is often imitated, but remains as the best option in the sport cam arena. The Hero3 is the company’s smallest, lightest and most powerful camera yet. The wearable and mountable camera is ideal for shooting footage while kayaking, surfing and biking.



Another piece of tech-related gear I love is the Steady Multi-Tool from Gerber ($40.37). Of all the super useful tools on this one (two blades, three screwdrivers, a bottle opener, pliers, and more), the foldout tripod may be the coolest, if not most unique. Screw in a digital camera or smartphone and set up stable shots, panoramic or self-styled shots. It’s perfect for when there’s nobody around to help take the photo!


Until trees start to become equipped with outlets, power-on-the-go, like the BoostTurbine2000 from Eton ($64.34) is needed. The BoostTurbine2000 holds plenty of charge to get a smartphone or other gadgets out of a low-battery jam. But the part that’s most helpful is the gadget’s hand crank option that can manually supply power to devices in times of desperate need.


A high-tech treatment called Insect Shield can be fused into apparel and accessories to make them insect repellent. The Insect Shield bandana ($15) makes a great gift for anyone who spends time on the trail or who just loves the outdoors, providing odorless, lasting protection from ticks and mosquitoes.



If you’re still looking, we have tons of great gift ideas for the Outdoor Adventurer.




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