7 Gardening Gifts for Mom

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It’s no cliche, moms like to garden. Maybe it’s the chance to soak up a little sun while being productive. We learned in our recent survey, that more than 30% of moms of all ages actually want something garden related as her Mother’s Day gift this year. Perhaps it’s the chance to complete a project and relish in the beautiful outcome. Or, maybe it’s because the garden doesn’t ask “why” or talk back – it just does what it’s told. Whatever the reason mom likes her garden so much, here are 7 great gifts to get her this Mother’s Day that are sure to make her garden grow.



English Style Garden Apron

Get her something useful and all hers like this English Style Garden Apron It is made with durable canvas and luxurious cow suede trim. It has enough pocket space to carry all of her pruning tools and has an easy waist tie to fit almost any woman.  It can be personalized, but make sure to order quickly so there is time to get it before the big day.

Low Maintenance

Self Watering Planter

If she needs a little help making sure her plants are watered regularly I recommend this Self Watering Planter. This planter is specifically made for herbs and succulents which are easy to grow and look great in this unglazed terracotta planter. The outer chamber is for the soil and plants and the inner chamber holds close to a half liter of water that will regulate and filter the water.

Looking Good

Gardening GlovesGardening Hat

Gardening is a wonderful hobby, but when she is finished with the work, she wants to look as good as her garden. A good pair of gardening gloves will keep her hands and nails soil free and a nice gardening hat will protect her head and face from the sun.

Tasty Rewards

Topsy Turvy Tomato

If she likes her garden to do something more than just look nice, why not give her the tool to easily grow some edibles. This Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter can make any mom a tomato-growing diva!


Zen Lion Garden Sculpture

Sometimes a garden needs an animal or two to give it some extra interest.  I only recommend the kind of animal that won’t eat or trample her hard work. I love this Zen Lion Garden Sculpture for its silliness and peacefulness.

Bird’s Eye View

Stoneware Bird FeederOwl Bird Feeder

If she likes to spend time sitting in her garden soaking up the sounds, smells and sights – then a pretty birdhouse is a great gift to give her.  You can go the simple route with this Stoneware Feeder or go the more whimsical with this Spiky Owl Bird Feeder 

Something Sweet

Mother's Day Sweets

If she has all the tools and décor one could possibly need in the garden, you could get her something garden themed like these great Mother’s Day Cookies that include cookies shaped like ladybugs, butterflies and flowers.

Whether your mom is new to the gardening game, or has a well-established green thumb, she’ll love getting her hands dirty in the peaceful quiet of her garden with one of these ideas. But, if you need more Mother’s Day inspiration, see all of our Mother’s Day gift advice on the blog.

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Happy Mother’s Day and happy gifting!

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