7 Gifts Your Dad Actually Wants

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When it comes to gift ideas for dad, as a gift editor, the two most frequent gifting challenges often heard are “he doesn’t want anything” or “he has everything already”.

Since going gift-less for dad is not an option, it’s time to get creative and dip deep into the Gift Guru bag of tricks. While there are lots of unique and clever gift ideas out there, here are a Lucky 7 we’re betting he doesn’t have…and he’d be thrilled to get!

The personalized gallon jug of tabasco is one of the “hottest” gifts out there, literally. So what’s so unique about a bottle of hot sauce? It’s an impressive full gallon jug of the iconic Tabasco hot sauce, customized with his name on the label! If he loves spicy, this is taking his passion to the next level.


Gift baskets are great, but why not get one with some testosterone instead of a standard classic? Enter the Man Crate; it’s about as manly a take on the gift basket imaginable. For example, the Outdoor Survival Crate 

has everything dad needs to “rough it” outdoors…a survival guide, an emergency kit, snacks and more. The coolest part is the set is boxed up in a wooden crate and includes a crow bar for him to open it with (that doubles as a bottle opener for later).


He may have everything, but has he done everything? Experience Gifts get him off the couch and into the action. A hugely popular one is the Stock Car Ride-Along experience where dad rides shotgun in a stock car and gets to go 150+ MPH around a racetrack for a little more than $100. There are also options where he gets to drive, fly, cook, bike, hike, boat, you name it! Find something unique that taps into his interests and gets him out of the house.

Dad will no longer be one-of-a-kind when you get him a bobble head made in his likeness. The life-like custom bobble head is made to not only look like him but to showcase him doing what he loves to do. Find your favorite photo of dad doing what he loves and you can get it recreated…bobble style.


Does dad drop an occasional “F-Bomb”? While he still wouldn’t want to drop this F-bomb paper weight, placing this on his desk at home or at work will certainly bring smiles to all those who see it. This is strictly for the dad with a sense of humor.


Quirky yet cool, a reprint of an original and famous patent application is certainly something he doesn’t have. There are tons of framed reprints to choose from that can align with his work or hobbies. The Monopoly print, or the original baseball patent are very cool, but Patentsasart.com has a unique patent for every personality. 

Lastly, the Bar10der is basically a Swiss Army Knife for the host. A 10-in-1 bar tending tool is equal parts unique, practical and awesome. We’re fairly sure that your mixologist dad and the Bar10der will compete for the life of the party title once he gets this gift.


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