7 Golden Gifts for 50th Anniversary

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50th-anniversary-250x250-450 years is a long time. It is 18 years longer than MTV has been around. It is 6 years longer than man’s first steps on the moon. Heck, it is 16 years longer than the combined eight marriages of Liz Taylor! No wonder the traditional gift to give is the precious (and expensive) metal gold! If you know a couple who is about to celebrate their Golden Anniversary, you don’t necessarily have to get something “gold”, but it does need to be something extra special to commemorate the occasion. Here are my 7 favorite 50th Anniversary gifts:

1. A Comfy Seat for Two

Get them a comfortable spot to sit together while enjoying the outside world (and each other.) Whether it is a garden bench or porch swing, make sure you also set up any installation needs/costs so they don’t have to worry about it later. I love this wicker porch swing. It has an optional cushion available in several different colors to suit their tastes.

wicker chair

2. 21st Century

While many people of the older generations are timid about newer technology, most embrace it if someone has the time and patience to teach them how to use it.  Getting them an iPad along with signing them up for classes to learn how to use it may be the best gift they ever get. Once they learn how to use it, they will be able to video chat with everyone, read books in large print, play a few rounds of solitaire and perhaps tweet some knowledge to the whole world.

ipad 4g

3. Family Ties

Another terrific way to honor their milestone is to showcase the before and after.  In other words, get them a beautiful piece of artwork that also illustrates their family tree like this Peacock Genealogy Custom Art. It’s something they will be able to look at with pride and nostalgia for years to come.

Peacock Art

4. Golden Touch

If you want to go the traditional way and get them something gold, there are limitless options available.  Obviously, you do not need to purchase something that is truly gold, just gold-colored.  Just make sure not to get them something for which they have no room; they have been accumulating stuff for more than 50 years – the last thing they need is additional clutter.  I think a beautiful set of gold candle stick holders or a decorative bowl are great options.

 gold bowl

5. Personalized

Getting them something that is custom made is always a thoughtful route to take.  You can get them something commemorative like the NY Times Front Page from the day & year they were married or something completely unique to them like this Your Memory Lane Art Print.

your memory laneNY Times Front Page

6. Presidential Shout-Out

If at least one of them is a US citizen, you can have the President of the United States send them a letter of congratulations. The best way to do this is via email through your local US Congressional Representative, US Senator, or The White House. Make sure to send your request at least two months in advance, and take a look at this article to find out exactly what to include in your request. I think this is a great (and FREE) way to show the couple how impressive their commitment is to everyone!

7. Forever Growing

Just because they’ve been married for 50 years doesn’t mean they’ve seen everything (even if they beg to differ!) Remind them that it is never too late to try something new, like sky diving or a helicopter ride. Depending on where they live, there are some great Experiential Gifts you can get for them that will most certainly inspire a few good stories to discuss on their 51st Anniversary!


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