7 Outstanding Groomsmen Gifts

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groomsmen_giftsSummer is wedding season. And while the future bride is tackling a near endless list of items to put the wedding together, the groom-to-be has a relatively short set of tasks to complete by the big day.

Task one for the groom is to remain enthusiastic and keep wedding plan opinions guarded. Sure that’s more an exercise in self-preservation than “To Do” checklist item, but deserves the number one spot, trust me.

Task number two is definitely more tangible. That task is to pick out gifts for the groomsmen!

These gifts tend to be tokens of appreciation for the groom’s side of the wedding party. While often personalized, these gifts tend to be useful and fun rather than completely necessary. So with that in mind, here are some clever and unique gifts the crew will really love to get! Don’t stick them with a personalized photo frame or something else they’ll never use. Check out this list of groomsmen gift ideas that don’t suck.

Chuck It

I love the idea of custom Chuck Taylors for the groomsmen. Design around the wedding’s color palate or go with a different look for each groomsman. The embroidered lettering on the side or heal tab can further commemorate the big day. Unveiled the day of, these fresh kicks will make for some fun wedding pictures. Thanks to Ashley Baber Weddings for the awesome image!

062613 DT converse 2

Hit a Home Run

Another personalized gift idea is a fully customized Louisville Slugger baseball bat. The iconic bat brand comes in dozens of models and has four areas for lettered customization. A nice touch is to include the name of the recipient, a “Thank You” of some sort, and the wedding date. A home run of a gift idea … oh, like you didn’t know that was coming.


Make a Mini Me

Yet another truly unique gift idea is to have a custom bobble head made in the likeness of each groomsman. Just supply images of the groom’s crew and add pretty much any style detail, and just sit back and watch the reactions these get. These bobble heads come out so realistic and are so much fun.

Custom Bobble Head Groomsmen

Give a Growler

While I wouldn’t pre-fill a monogrammed, ceramic growler the day of the wedding, there’s no doubt groomsmen will love this gift idea. This classically styled, made is the USA beauty is now a needed accessory with so many growler-friendly bars serving so many great craft beers.

Monogrammed Growlers

Give Them a Fresh Start

A Dopp Kit is more of a traditional groomsmen gift, but it has stood the test of time for a reason. Toiletry kits get used! I love this one from IZOLA as it ratchets up the gifting game a notch, by including a sustainable bamboo toothbrush set, a collapsible cup and a bar of soap.

Dopp Kit

Box It Up

Another completely different way to go is the DIY route. High on the “it’s the thought that counts” factor, a gift box of hand-selected and/or hand-made goodies is a nice touch. While there are really no rules for a homemade groomsman gift box, does a box of fresh brownies, with a small bottle of Maker’s Mark and a flask seem like a winner? “I Do”… get it?! Thanks to Floridian Weddings for the idea!

062613 DT groosman-gift-box

Help Them Survive

Lastly, realizing that a groomsmen gift can often be something that’s both fun and frivolous, it might just be an occasion that calls for a Zombie Survival Man Crate. Man Crates are basically an adrenaline fueled take on a gift basket. They even come with a mini-crow bar to open them up. Although there are a bunch of Man Crate themes, it’s kinda hard to beat the Zombie Survival Crate…and who knows, it could come in handy one day.

Zombie Survival Crate

Still need some more inspiration? Here are a bunch of gift ideas for the Groomsmen that I love. And don’t be shy about checking out our Groomsmen Gifts Pinterest board too.


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