7 Practical Adventure Gifts for Dads

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ADVENTUREWith dad’s big day occurring on the doorstep of summer, hooking dad up with a great Father’s Day gift that will help him enjoy the great outdoors is a super idea. If you have a dad who loves to spend the summer months enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer, here are seven great gift ideas he’ll love.

Outdoor gear has come a long way since the times of single pole tents and heavy hiking shoes, so now it’s easy for dad to have performance apparel that works hard for him and lets him play hard too. Enter the Travex Mountain Shirt by Eddie Bauer. The polyester and Cocona blend shirt is UPF 50 rated so it protects from the sun, evaporate sweat quickly and resists becoming stinky.  This must-have travel gear, comes in four smart colors and is as easy to wear on the trail as it is in a bar.

Travex Mountain Shirt

Speaking of versatile gear, the Bugsaway Adventure Hat by Ex Officio is a double whammy of protection for the outdoors. The lightweight and breathable hat offers natural sun protection for the head and face. But the hat also is coated with Insectshield, a treatment to the fabric that repels mosquitoes and ticks.

Bugsaway Hat

Keeping with the theme of outdoorsy gifts that provide protection, I love the Winspeed sunglasses by REVO

Revo Sunglasses

Beyond the timeless and classic look of these aviator style shades is some of the most cutting edge technology in sunglasses.  The scratch resistant UV protective lenses provide unmatched clarity and contrast. Eye protection from the sun never looked so good either.

Now that he’s all decked out he’ll need some trail-ready gear. Since dad might still be toting around the knife he got in junior high, consider an upgrade to that old blade. The Contrast AO knife by Gerber is a gorgeous knife that feels great in his hand. At just over three ounces and seven inches (opened) the Contrast is the perfect size to tackle small and medium size jobs.

Gerber Knife

Another great gift is a cool new flashlight from Energizer. Perfect for overnights, the Folding Lantern with Light Fusion Technology is portable, powerful and versatile. With a rotating panel, the Folding Lantern offers 300 lumens of power that throws light 360 degrees. All that and the 100 hours of water resistant run time make this one gift ideal for camping trips and outdoor entertaining too.

Energizer Flashlight

While you probably don’t want dad ever to use it, SOL Origin is a compact, multi-tool that offers over 10 essentials tools for survival in the palm of his hand. With tools like a 100dB whistle, fire starter, flashlight and knife he’ll have mandatory survival gear at the ready. I especially love the included manual with 62 Lifesaving Tools & Techniques. Nothing like giving peace of mind as a gift!


Lastly, getting outside in 2013 (for better or worse) means the gadgets get stuffed in the backpack. While tech and Mother Nature aren’t natural pals, it’s probably a good idea for dad to carry a smartphone with him when taking the trail less traveled. For such times, packing a Boost Bloc is a good idea. Just charge the BoostBloc 2000 before he hits the road and he’ll have one full charge of a smartphone ready to go if he needs it. It might just get dad out of a jam.


These are just seven favorites for dads who love the outdoors. Want to see a ton more? Check out all of our gift ideas for the Outdoorsman here.

You can also read more Father’s Day gift guide blogs for inspiration on all sorts of dads. We know they’re the hardest to shop for so we’ve got you covered.

And, if you want to get right down to business, check out all of our favorite Father’s Day gifts.

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