8th Anniversary Gift Ideas–Bronze

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For those of you impressive gift-givers who strictly follow the anniversary traditions, we applaud you (as I am sure do your significant others and all gifting recipients.) The traditional 8th anniversary gift category is bronze and pottery, while the modern take on the occasion calls for linens and lace. In sticking with tradition, we have rounded up four bronze gift ideas that will make a perfect 8th anniversary gift. But if you need more ideas, don’t overlook home furnishings, such as a bronze lamp, a bronze fireplace tool set, or even a classy bronze set of numbers for their house.

Engraved Bronze Pocket Watch

For the man with class and sophistication, this engraved bronze pocket watch ($75) is a timeless gift that can be passed down from generation to generation. Engrave a sweet sentiment, initials or a monogram on the front for an extra special touch. The black matte interior gives a nice modern contrast.





Personalized Vintage Love Letter Necklace

This necklace, $49.95, is so perfectly romantic for an anniversary gift celebrating love and foreverness.  The necklace is in the shape of a letter envelope where insider you can personalize a special note with a saying or name. You obviously should choose the bronze color option if you are gifting for the 8th anniversary.



Hootch-Owl Cocktail Tool Set

For the couple who loves to host or loves things with a little sense of humor and flare, try giving the Hootch-Owl cocktail tool set, ($29.99.)  It has a retro-cool vibe and a bronze finish along with everything you could ever need to make the perfect cocktail.





Custom Map Bronze Key Ring

Everyone has that that special place we wish we could always have with us, where you met your special someone, where you grew up, where you started a family. Capture that special place for your giftee with a custom map bronze key ring ($95).



For more eighth anniversary ideas in bronze and pottery, visit Gifts.com. And looking ahead, here are ideas for traditional 10th anniversary gifts and modern 10th anniversary gifts, and ideas for every year.

Lindsay Roberts is a nationally known gift expert and founder of TheGiftInsider.com. She is regularly interviewed on gifting segments for network affiliates across the country. She has been featured on sites like E! Online and Forbes.com, and has been hired as a spokesperson and social media gift expert for national brands.



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