9 Things You Didn’t Know About Shopping for Men

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I’ve got good news: Men aren’t nearly as hard to shop for as we thought. A lot of you are probably out there feeling anxious about what to get your dad, your husband or boyfriend, maybe even your brother. That’s because we think that men know exactly what gifts they want but aren’t sharing the information. There must be some electronic or gadget he wants, we think to ourselves, but it’s obscure and expensive and he wants to pick it out himself. Apparently this is not true at all. According to a survey we just did of 1,000 men over the age of 25, men are actually more appreciative and open-minded about the gifts they receive than we thought. So here are nine things that were revealed by our survey, called “What Men Really Want for the Holidays.”

1. They don’t tell us what they have on their mental wish list because they don’t want anyone to feel obligated to make a purchase for them.

2. If they get a gift they didn’t want, they shrug it off. Fifty percent say they aren’t even disappointed at all.

3. They actually like to be surprised by gifts, say 39 percent of our respondents.

4. Top of the wish list? Media gifts, like music, books, movies or video games.

5. Tools aren’t considered boring at all. Thirty-five percent of those surveyed have them on their wish list for this holiday season.

6. Their dream gifts? Luxury autos like Audi or Bugatti, and travel to exotic destinations like Tahiti.

7. And they are sweet! Some guys say their dream gift would be something for a family member, like laser eye surgery. Aww.

8. Turns out buying them socks or underwear is just fine. A quarter of our survey respondents say they hope to find practical fashion (such as socks, ties or underwear) inside a gift box this year.

9. Men are pretty tolerant of gifts that miss the mark, but, when pushed, admit that their distant family members give the worst gifts. Coworkers and parents came close, too.

Ready to do some holiday shopping for the man in your life? To find unique gift ideas for men, visit Gifts.com. And stay tuned, because we’ll be covering more ideas we got from the survey in future blogs at GiftRap.



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