Awesome Family Puzzles for Summer Vacation

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family puzzleLet’s face it, summer can be boring. There are those inevitable rain days where everyone is holed up inside with nothing to do. Beach house, country house, time share, or staycation, if you have kids or are planning on taking any serious amount of time off this summer then it is not complete without stocking up on some puzzles. My family would always get an incredibly huge and difficult puzzle for Christmas that we would save until the summertime blues were at their worst. Then we would set it up on a table or counter and leave it until it was finished. We would sometimes work on it together, helping each other sort through the pieces and build on to what’s already there. But other times, we would go spend some time working on it alone. It would sometimes take weeks to finish a summer puzzle if it was really hard or had tons of pieces. But, there’s something really fun and satisfying about putting the pieces together that make puzzling the perfect low-fi summer activity. So, I did some digging and found a handful of puzzles that line up with all sorts of different families. I hope you find one that’s perfect for your summer vacation here.

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Most Difficult Puzzle:

If you have any experience with puzzles then you know that fewer colors there are the harder the puzzle is to do. Well this U-Line 1,000 piece puzzle takes the cake because it’s entirely in black and white. Your only hope is to find tiny details to connect. Good luck and plan on having this on the table for a few weeks.

U Line 1,000 Piece Puzzle

Best Puzzle for Teen Girls:

Teens are all about self-expression and figuring out the meaning of life. Especially, teen girls. And this Art of Life 1,000 piece puzzle will speak to not only their passion for discovering the joie de vivre, but the young and vibrant colors will appeal to their sense of style too. This could even end up being one worth framing for their room!

The Art of Life Puzzle

Best Puzzle for the Whole Family:

For families with younger children, you want the puzzle to be hard enough for the big kids, aka You, but also something that the little ones can get satisfaction out of with some of your guidance. That’s why I love this Blue Slumber 500 piece puzzle. The image of the owl is something that appeals to all ages and the detail and colors make it fairly easy to put together. The owl trend is huge right now so this will appeal to the trendy tweens, teens, and young adults in your family too.

Blue Slumber Puzzle

All-Family Puzzle Challenge:

Like I said earlier, the less color in a puzzle, the harder it is to complete. Well, this 500 piece Sea World Killer Whale puzzle ranks pretty high in that department but the image and the slight nuances in the colors will help you all work together to get this one finished. The fact that it’s 500 pieces makes it slightly easier to compete too.

Sea World Killer Whale 500 Piece Puzzle

Most Unique Puzzle:

Sometimes you just need to take things to another level and this puzzle does just that.The 3D Leaning Tower of Pisa puzzle is perfect for small spaces because it builds up and not out. But, the fact that it is 3D makes it a big challenge to figure out so bring your patience and team work skills. The added bonus of this puzzle is the geography and history lesson that goes with it. You can discover all sorts of interesting trivia about this building and the area where it stands to add some education to the experience.

Leaning Tower of Pisa Puzzle

Must have puzzle accessory:

Because puzzles can take some time to finish and you might need that table for something else in the meantime, you should invest in a Puzzle Stow & Go which gives you a surface on which to start building you puzzle and it rolls up while keeping all of your pieces intact so you don’t get set back or lose anything. It’s easy to stow and easy get back on the table in no time.

Puzzle Stow and Go

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