Birthday Gifts For The Taurus Man

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taurus_man_thumbnailAs the second sign in the Zodiac, Taureans are known to be sensual and practical. They have a back-to-basics simplistic attitude and like to live comfortably! They are usually easy going and uncomplicated inside and out. Their outfits are often comfy, so fabrics like cashmere and velvet are best. A Taurean’s guilty pleasures are gourmet dining and Egyptian cotton bedding! They are also money-savvy and drawn to banks, so money clips and piggy banks or shares of stock are great gifts for them!

This month, we are celebrating the most eligible bachelor of all time…George Clooney whose birthday is on May 6th. We can all remember him as the charming doctor from “ER” and all the ladies in our office still think he’s an undeniably handsome actor. And to honor the leading man who has everything, we found a few gifts that are a perfect match! Maybe they’ll help you shop for your own Taurus man? I hope so!

Taurus: April 20th- May 20th

Roller Rock Glass

Roller Rock Glass $17.95:

This is perfect for a classic man who enjoys a dram of single malt at the end of the day.

Gentelman's Handkerchief

Gentleman’s Handkerchiefs $22:

It is 100% cotton and personalized, making it luxurious and uniquely his. He’ll love showing it off in his suit jacket pocket when he travels first class.

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses $30:

Since George Clooney recently started his own tequila company, salt glasses add sharp contrast to the smoothness of finely distilled agave.

Happy Birthday Just Give

Happy Birthday Just Give Gift Card $25:

Now we all know George Clooney is a generous man when it comes to his favorite charities, so donating on his behalf is a gift that will warm his heart.


Beer Tasting Gift Set

Beer Tasting Glass Set $59.95:

Since Clooney is constantly jet-setting, when he finally finds himself settled at home I’m sure all he wants to do is spend some time hanging out with friends and drinking some cold beers. This glass set takes it up a notch by giving him just the right glass for whatever brew he decides to pop open.


Complete National Geographic Collection

The Complete National Geographic Collection $53:

Because George is a big traveler, he could get inspiration for future trips and reminisce about the past adventures while relaxing at home and viewing this collection of the best of the over 120 years of incredible National Geographic footage from around the world.


Anthony Logistics For Men

Anthony Logistics For Men “The Perfect Shave Kit” $55:

Since Clooney is in front of the cameras practically every day, a shave kit always comes in handy and keeps him looking his dapper best.

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