Celebrity Gossip Magazines: Good, Bad and Trashy

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magazinesCan’t get enough of celebrity gossip? You are not alone! As I prepare to pack up for a long weekend away, I purchased a stack of my favorite tabloids for the trip. My girlfriends and I are known for lounging poolside with a cool beverage in one hand and a celebrity gossip magazine in the other. Since I am somewhat of an aficionado on the subject, I want to share my expertise on the good, the bad and the deliciously ridiculous gossip magazines out there! Whether for yourself or as a gift for a friend, tabloids are a great source of fun summer entertainment if you know which one meets your needs. Treat yourself, or the ones you love, to the guilty pleasure gift that keeps on giving. Read on for reviews of my favorite gossip mags and your guide to summer beach reads!

Least Gossipy: People Magazine

It was really the trailblazer in the group as its been around since 1974. It started more human-interest and news based and still maintains some of that spirit. It also prides itself on accurate journalism, which means it’s the least fake; you won’t find false, mean-spirited stories on its cover. Because of its accuracy, it’s the celebrity favorite and tends to be the one they turn to when they share wedding and baby photos. If you like a little news mixed in with pop-culture, this one’s for you.

Most Fun to Read: Us Weekly

The crème de la crème of trash mags is Us Weekly (also my personal favorite). They blend a healthy mix of faux gossip and gossipy truths. They have ridiculous weekly articles like “Stars- They’re Just like US!” in additional to lots of fun celeb pictorials and amusing articles telling us tid-bits on stars’ private lives. Their “Best Bodies 2013” gave me lots of summer gym motivation. For the celebrity fan in your life, this is truly THE magazine to get.

Most Ridiculous: Life & Style, Star, InTouch

The most ridiculous of the bunch are Life & Style, Star and inTouch. These magazines really seem to kick reality to the curb in favor of lots of gossipy goodness. Don’t be fooled though, these magazines are still fun to read! They all feature great celebrity pictures and gossip that won’t disappoint. Expect to read all about stars’ love lives, the Kardashians (who seem to always be on the cover) and even style files on your favorite celebrity’s kids! The only real standout difference between the three magazines is that Life & Style tends to also cover fashion trends, so the fashionista in your life will prefer this magazine over the rest.

Nothing beats a good beach read and tabloids are the way to go in that department! If you have someone in your life that has a passion for star news, I would suggest gifting a subscription to one these reads. Check out more of my guilty pleasure magazines at Gifts.com and happy gifting!

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