Champagne Gifts for New Year’s Eve

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I love New Year’s Eve. Love it. It’s not just the feeling of a year’s worth of blank-slate possibility—it’s the short-term prospect of major sparkle. The lights, the sequins, the sparklers … and last, but not least, the champagne. In celebration of all that lies ahead for us this year, I picked out six gifts: three that troubleshoot champagne-related challenges (because those are the best kind), and three for a little bit of bubbly fun. May our cups runneth over with sparkle in 2014!


When the bubbly gets passed around, the toasts start flying. You’ll know exactly what to say if you have this set of champagne flutes,  ($60 for four glasses) with toasts in English, French, German and Spanish at the ready.




You can’t stash your champers way in the back of the fridge, my friend. The beverage has to be part of the scene and accessible for refills. But how to keep the champagne cold? Simple and timeless, this hotel-style, silver-plated champagne bucket from Pottery Barn ($79) adds a lot of class to any get-together and is surprisingly affordable.




If you’re bringing a bottle of champagne to a party, make sure it will arrive without breaking in the car trunk with a VinniBag ($28.99). This inflatable bag is reusable and immune to air pressure changes, so it will come in handy in the future, when you are traveling farther by airplane.  (It can be used not only to protect wine but also to cart specialty foods, like bottles of olive oil or hot sauce you’ve found on a trip.)





Anything gummy-bear-related always has my vote. So when I heard about these Champagne Gummy Bears ($10) I had to share. The Today Show and Cosmopolitan Magazine, which have both featured these cheery, sophisticated (and nonalcoholic) bruins, agree.




A decanter for champagne? Yes, decanting your bubbly is trending, both for vintage bottles whose flavors bloom when aired, and young champanges that could use a little time to mellow out. Start a conversation with this clever Hashtag-Etched Decanter ($38), for the good stuff.




Just hearing the words “champagne truffles” brings a smile to most people’s faces. Because how can you go wrong with rich, creamy chocolate infused lightly with the flavor of champagne?  They are $39.99 for a box of 24.



Visit for more New Year’s Eve ideas, and after the confetti has settled, you can see a host of gift ideas for a healthier, more organized life. But first we’ll leave you with something you just might need come January 1, Hair of the Dog: Hangover Remedies from San Francisco Bars.




Lavonne Leong is an award-winning freelance writer and editor based in Honolulu. She’s the kind of person who starts her Christmas shopping in July, yet still likes to finish on December 24th. Her latest book is Up in the Hawaiian Sky

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