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Goodbye lockers, hello dorm rooms! As summer looms to an end and fall is almost upon us, recent grads start packing their gear in eager anticipation of the big move to college. For most students, this is a really exciting time, but even the most courageous of the bunch can be a little nervous. I was so excited to move on my own (there may have been a countdown involved), but when the time came for Mom and Dad to drop me off, many a tear was shed. The best way to support a new college student’s endeavors is through love and guidance, but a friendly gift can also be a way to help transition her into her new life. There are a ton of products and items the new student will need and an additional lot they will want. Read on for my list of perfect and easy gifts for gals heading off to university.

Ensure her room stays tidy with this classic French Laundry Bag. ($45) It’s great for her dorm room or travel as it fits plenty of clothing, and, the beautiful monogramming will guarantee her bag can’t be mixed up with some else’s. The style of the bag makes it so lovely she can hang it proudly in her room (or tuck it away to save space).


Every girl needs a warm and comfy robe when heading off to college. This Classic Robe ($70) comes in fun colors and can be monogrammed.


If she loves her products (which I’m sure she does) a great skincare set is something she will need. I like Clinique’s skincare products as they are gentle, but extremely purifying. The Clinique Great Skin Home & Away Set ($81) contains all she needs and it comes in a cute cosmetics bag for her to tote around easily. If you want to go the extra mile, pair it with an affordable shower caddy!


Another great gift option is noise-canceling headphones. These can be really great for listening to music or watching a movie on a computer, but also useful for drowning out loud roommates. This is a really helpful study tool, providing a more distraction-free study session! The best pair on the market are the Bose Noise Quietcomfort Headphones ($350).


It the Bose headphones are out of your price range, Panasonic’s Noise Canceling Headphones  ($38) are super affordable and come in a trendy mint shade.


Lastly, never forget the importance of coffee intake in college! We all know there are at least a few all-nighters in your recent grad’s future. Gift them with a coffee maker, like the Keurig Single Cup Brewing System ($145), and a a cool mug to help ease their sleepless nights with a caffeine dosage.


For a complete list of dorm essentials, check out our helpful Dorm Checklist and check out more ideas for gifts for college students at!


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