Double Trouble! Gifts for Gemini Guys

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gemini-menGeminis are known to crave knowledge and they exude an energetic life-of-the-party attitude! Their style consists of a lot of easy wash-and-wear clothing that fits every occasion. As a talkative and witty sign they can never get enough information or communication, and they like to celebrate with lots of activities and a big bash! Here’s a big tip if you’re shopping for a Gemini: they love variety so they would rather have a bunch of little gifts than one big one.

Geminis are born: May 22nd – June 21st

Today we are going to celebrate Mr. Captain America himself, Chris Evans (June 13th)! Did you know he actually practices Buddhism? With his busy schedule filming Captain America: The Winter Soldier and traveling non-stop, the best gifts to get him are ones that cater to his convenience and peace!

Ride Shotgun in a Stock Car

Ride Shotgun In a Stock Car $119:

We all know Chris Evans does a lot of his own stunts but why not give him the gift that will keep his adrenaline pumping! You get to experience the real life racing thrills by riding in a Nascar stock car driven by a professional instructor!

Toms Classic Sunglasses

TOMS Classic 301 Sunglasses $139:

Give something meaningful! When you purchase a pair, one pair gets donated to someone in need.

Performance Sports Man Crate

Performance Sports Crate $75:

Chris Evans’s ripped body does not come easily and he must work insanely hard to maintain it during filming. This gift will help him stay fit while traveling for the show. It contains a speed rope, push up bar, and energy foods to keep him going.

Just Give Birthday Charity

Just Give happy birthday card $25:

Just Give lets the receiver of the card choose which charity they would like to donate your designated amount to. This is perfect for those who feel strongly about making the world a better place for this and future generations.

The Art of Shaving

The Art of Shaving, The Four Elements of the Perfect Shave $115:

Since Chris Evans has to look his best at all times, having the perfect shave is important! A four-piece collection of full-size The Art of Shaving essentials for a clean, smooth shave.  It is formulated to avoid discomfort and enjoy the refreshing results of a brilliant shave.

Tomorrow, we’re talking about the Gemini ladies, so stay tuned if you have one on your list.

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