Double Trouble! Gifts for Gemini Women

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gemini-womenThese mysterious ladies are constantly changing. Half the fun of knowing Gemini women is never really knowing what they’ll say, do or think next. They range from hyper focused, to frustratingly difficult, to the life of the party. Well, to some, that might sound like most PMSing women but, with Geminis, the moon cycle has little to do with it. They can be a handful, but the generosity, energy and support that they offer couldn’t be more genuine and that’s what keeps us coming back for more.

What does that mean for gift giving? Well, most importantly it means that you need to get different gifts for her different expressions so that no matter what is happening when you give the gifts, at least one will resonate! She tends to be fairly low maintenance, but that in no way reflects negatively on her impeccable sense of style, housekeeping and knowledge. She’s a good looking smart cookie for sure. So, what celeb are we going to shout out as this month’s giftee?

Gemini s are born: May 22nd – June 21st

One of our favorite Gemini ladies is Natalie Portman, who’s  Birthday is June 9th. She is an actress known for being brilliant, eco-conscious, and classically stylish which pretty much sums up Geminis in a nut shell! Here are our picks for her smart style. Now get to shopping for your Gemini lady. They don’t like anything to be late, ever.

recycled canvas tote

Recycled Canvas Tote $89:

As a frequent traveler and mother Natalie Portman would find this canvas tote very useful to hold all her necessities while still being eco-friendly.

eco ceramic cup

Eco Ceramic Cup $14.95:

Is what every mom needs when they are on the go with their kids! The best part it is microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

cork sprout watches

SPROUT Watches Cork Dial Watch $55:

This watch is made with a natural cork dial that offers earthy texture on an eco-friendly watch with a round case and topstitched strap made entirely of biodegradable materials. It also looks great on, which she will like.

Alex and Anni Love Bracelet

Alex and Ani ‘Love’ Wire Bangle $24:

A symbol etched on a vintage-inspired charm dangles from an expandable bangle handcrafted from recycled brass. Classic, conscious and oh so Gemini.

tarte femme natural eye makeup

Tarte Femme Naturale Eye Palette $44:

The reusable eye shadow palette is great for anyone who is eco-conscious and loves beauty!

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