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It’s no secret that dads tend to get the short end of the gifting stick when it comes to Father’s Day gifts. A significant contributor to dad’s gift woes is the dreaded cliche gift. The mugs, the bad drugstore-bought cologne, “The World’s Best Dad” gear, are all gifting decisions in need of a little remix. May I suggest…

Cliche 1: Grooming Products

Getting dad cologne or some grooming “product” is not such a bad idea. However, ask yourself first, “does dad wear cologne?” and/or “does he like or would he be up for trying some skin care product?” If a quick “no” is the answer to either of these, you’re better off going to Plan B gifts for your dad.

If your dad is up for it, here are two great options. The Leading Man Fragrance Sampler lets dad try five different, scents in sample sizes. Included in the set, there is a gift voucher for dad to go to a Sephora store and receive a free larger version of his favorite fragrance.

Sephora The Leading Man

If you want to go with a single product, check out Adrenaline Junkie facial scrub by Billy Jealousy. The best way to describe the refreshing pepperminty gel, is it’s like a morning cup of coffee for his face. Dad will love it.

Adrenaline Junkie

Cliche 2: A Classic Neck Tie

Maybe the biggest cliché gift for dad is a tie. But ties aren’t bad gift…bad ties are bad gifts! Here’s a gift tip that may seem obvious, if dad does not wear a tie, then let’s hold off getting him one for Father’s Day. If he wears a tie, the remixed version is the pocket square. Not many accessories can update and refresh dad’s look better than the versatile pocket square. These are a few stand outs that I know he’d love…and use!

Oxford Cloth Pocket Square Ralph Lauren Pocket Square

Cliche 3: Photo Gift

Photo gifts are another Father’s Day staple. Again, there’s nothing inherently bad about creating a gift from a photo, but when executed poorly, the present can go over like a lead balloon. Snapbox is a service I just came across offering a great solution to make a super looking photo gift. The affordable, framed SnapBox prints start at around $10 and max out around $30. The prints are made on stretched canvas and housed in a matte black, 100% wood frame. The process is simple from either a computer or a mobile device. Here’s one I just made!

051413 DT snapbox image

Cliche 4: Gadget Gift

Electronics and gadgets have been go-to Father’s Day gifts forever. But often they are too gimmicky and could probably now available in app form on a phone he already has. Here’s a totally fun gadget that he (and entire family) will love. Kohler’s Moxie Showerhead is a showerhead that has a magnetically attached (removable) Bluetooth enabled speaker. Just pair a mobile device and get the shower party started. While starting the day rocking out to his favorite play list is a good idea, busting out dance moves in the shower is probably not.

Moxie Showerhead

Cliche 5: Coffee Mug

Lastly, if (and that’s a big IF) he’s a coffee drinker, steer away from the clichéd “Dad” type coffee mug. This year get him a KeepCup.  This reusable cup is sized to be used at his local coffee shop as well as at home. One-use cups are wasteful, but a custom designed KeepCup for dad is a colorful “green” gift he can really use. Gift tip: add a gift card into the KeepCup from his favorite/local coffee shop.

Keep Cup

Voila – cliche-free Father’s Day!

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