Five-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Has it really been FIVE YEARS since you said, “I do?” Congratulations. You’re no longer newlyweds. This milestone marks 1,725 days of building a solid foundation for many happy years ahead. It’s no coincidence that the traditional five-year wedding anniversary gift is wood. Trees soar to new heights, reach for the sun and grow roots deep into the earth. Trees are also strong, providing shelter from the rain, shade from the sun, and kindle that flames the fire. Whether you are giving a five-year anniversary gift to your special someone or celebrating with a favorite couple, here are a few wood-themed ideas to make this milestone extra special.

  • Take a Hike. Few things replenish the soul like the beauty of nature. Pack some cheese, crackers, fresh fruit and a bottle of wine, and explore a local hiking trail. Converse and connect without distraction (read: no phone, email or social media), and enjoy a scenic picnic alongside that perfect creek or in a meadow. You could even surprise that special someone with a fully stocked picnic backpack complete with dishes, cups and, of course, a corkscrew.
  • Plant a Tree. Love starts as a seedling and blossoms into something much bigger. This year, plant a tree and watch it grow year after year. The tree will add beauty as it cleans the air around you. And who knows … maybe that tree will hold a tire swing for the next generation one day.
  • Entertain in Style. If you have ever enjoyed a luau in Hawai’i, you have a special appreciation for the beauty of wooden serving platters. Wooden serving trays, salad bowls and dishes can be dressed up or down, making them ideal gifts for those who love to share their joy with others—whether it’s a backyard BBQ or a tapas soiree.
  • If the Tree Doesn’t Come to You, You Must Go to the Tree. Our national parks are truly timeless treasures. Plan a trip to Yosemite, Zion or the Great Smoky Mountains. All you need is a car, a tank full of gas, some munchies and maybe a new travel bag or hiking shoes. Then off you go—to memories that will soon be made.

Whatever you decide to give—or do—to celebrate a five-year anniversary, just remember: the most important thing is that your words and actions come straight from the heart. Congrats to the first five and cheers to celebrating the big 50th anniversary in the years ahead. For more wedding anniversary gift ideas, check out, where you’ll find traditional 5th anniversary gifts and modern 5th anniversary gifts.

Jennifer Benson is a freelance writer based in San Diego. This year marks her 21-year anniversary of leaving the cold midwest for sunny California, her 17-year anniversary of founding Jenscribe, Inc., her 15-year wedding anniversary and her 11-year anniversary of becoming a mom.



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