G Is The Only Letter You Need To Remember For Dad

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Father's Day G'sGift Block [gift-blok] n. A usually temporary psychological inability to begin or decide upon a gift purchase.

The best of us suffer occasional Gift Block, but when it comes to finding a great gift for dad, it can be especially tough. So for this Father’s Day, I’m going to make it easy to start thinking about some great gift ideas for pops. The best part is, all you have to remember is the letter “G”!

The 5 “Gs” of Father’s Day unlock a ton of great gift ideas based on hobbies and interests dads universally love!

The first “G” is for Gadgets. He may already have a big ticket gadget like a new smartphone or tablet, so think about a gift that can help dad get the most out of his latest toy. A gorgeous way to go is with a portable speaker like the Chant speaker by House of Marley. Dad will love the great sound, sharp looks and the ability to take his music with him. So is he a gadget lover?

Chant Box by House of Marley

“G” number two is for Grilling. It’s hard to find a dad who doesn’t love making a meal over open flame. Grilling accessories are a great way to go for dad’s big day. Updating some of his old grilling gear is a is one thought, but personalized gifts like suede grilling gloves with his name branded on them will definitely go over great for the true Grill Seeker.

Suede Grilling Gloves

The third “G” is for Golf. Golf Gifts are as old as Father’s Day itself. The key and the caveat to golf gifts is to avoid specific equipment (unless specifically requested). Golf gifts such as accessories or apparel are a much better bet to go over well with dad. Maybe this year grab him a cooler bag for the golf cart. The waxed canvas is a timeless look, and having a few cold ones on hand during a round makes this a gift dad will dig.

Golf Cooler

The “G” in Grooming gets our number four “G”. I love grooming gifts for dads as it represents an opportunity to get dad a great gift he’d probably not buy himself. Many dads are not fans of grooming products only because they have never used any.  The Beer Soap 6 Pack is a way to ease him into the world of “product”. Dad loves beer right?

Beer Soap

The last “G” gets us to Gifts Baskets.  There are many types of gift baskets, so there’s certainly one out there with his name on it. Themed baskets, fruit baskets, snacks, candy, you name it. The best part is, if you get dad a thoughtful basket like the Rouge River Snack Basket, he’s bound to share the goodies with you.

Rouge Gift Basket

So my advice if you still have a little Father’s Day Gift Block is take the 5 “Gs” and call (or tweet!) me if you have any more questions!

Make sure you also visit our Father’s Day Gift Guides for TONS of ideas for the Big Guy.

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