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When I got an invitation to a World Series party recently, I immediately RSVP’d an enthusiastic “yes!” because I love a good party! It was only afterward that I realized I don’t know very much about baseball, let alone the World Series. If you’re sports-challenged like I am, here is some background to help you get in on the conversation when the big games arrive instead of just commenting on the delicious nachos and how cute the players are. Which is OK too, if you ask me.

History Lesson
The World Series, also known as the Fall Classic because it’s always played in October, began in 1903 and is Major League Baseball’s annual post-season championship series. Major League Baseball, the highest-level professional baseball league in North America, consists of 30 teams divided between the American and National Leagues. The winner of each league goes on to play the World Series. When the Fall Classic first began, the format was best five out of nine games. It quickly changed to best four out of seven, which is what it still is today.

But enough of the technical stuff and on to what I do best; matching the perfect gifts with all types of people! Here are some gift ideas for the baseball lover in your life that are guaranteed to hit a home run.

Baseball Patent Artwork ($69)

This is a print of the original patent submitted for the baseball in 1928. A step up from the usual baseball memorabilia, this is something you could display in the living room and not just in the man cave.


Mattel Classic Baseball Game ($59.99)

Any guy who survived the early ’80s as a tween, teen or adult will remember this handheld icon. He’ll love reminiscing with this at home and showing it off to friends who’ll wish they had one too.


Baseball Score Keeping Book ($15)

For the fans who are well on their way to being a baseball super geek, this book lets them keep tabs on all sorts of stats. This is great to pair with some tickets to a game where he can track the action, live. Think of it as a baseball game journal, but don’t tell him that. Men are NOT into journaling.


Baseball Leather Bottle Cooler ($13)

Like most good baseball fans, this guy likes to watch the game with a cold one in hand. Well, this beer bottle cooler brings a little bit of the game into the living room and at this price, you can get a few for the gang, too.


Mint Condition: How Baseball Cards Become an American Obsession ($17.99)

This is a fun must-have for any baseball-themed man cave. Guys love talking about the cards that they collected back in the day. And, some may even still have the sleeves and boxes to show off. This book explains why card collecting was so universal, fun and important to baseball.


See my recent Huffington Post article for more baseball education for novices. Trust me, it will come in handy if you’re planning on attending a party and don’t want to feel clueless. You can also see more gift ideas for the sports fan and get that holiday shopping out of the way today!




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