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I have always wanted one of those personal media rooms in my house. The windowless kind, that you can make really dark, so that what’s on the screen appears in perfect clarity. But even if I never achieve that dream, I’ve just realized this: winter rolls around every year, and with the long nights of winter come six months of my entire house being a media room, every evening. All I have to do is turn out the lights. So with several months ahead of movie night at my place—and maybe at yours, too?—I decided to cook up a list of gifts for movie buffs.

The Swag

Snacks are de rigeur for movie night. Start with the salty sweet combo that is kettle corn. This Popcornopolis kettle corn ($34.99) is the high-end stuff: big, fluffy kernels coated in a mix that does not contain any MSG or trans-fats.




Then move into the harder stuff: candy. A Movie Time Theatre Gift Basket ($32.90) has all the classics, from Milk Duds to Junior Mints. Why have to choose between Dots and Raisinets when they are both right in the same gift basket?




It used to be that only true film geeks dropped lines from great films into everyday conversation. Now, we all do it. Tell your fellow film buffs “May the force be with you” with this quote-covered Classic Movie Mug ($11.99).




There’s just something about heaps of warm, salty, buttery popcorn that elevates the at-home movie-watching experience from schlumpy to cinematic. These festive Movie Night Ceramic Popcorn Bowls ($34.95) will help you get in the mood, keep the kernels warm, and reduce the fights over who gets to put the bowl in their lap.





The Features

True film buffs, the kind who quibble about aspect ratios and get excited when Bergman and Kurosawa are mentioned, will find the Film Movement Film of the Month Club ($49.95 for a 3-month subscription) heady stuff: one hand-picked, award-winning feature film, plus a thought-provoking short, delivered to your doorstep each month. We know we have a lot of Canadian readers, so sorry guys: This gift can only be shipped for residents of the U.S.




IndieFlix gets creative with their Film Festival in a Box series, which for $20 each offers independent short films—the kind you can usually only catch at festivals—in themed bundles that are just right for movie night. I’m intrigued by Zombies in a Box, but you’ll also find Comedies in a Box, Adrenaline in a Box, and more.




Need a sequel? Check out our slide show with more gifts for people who love movies.

Lavonne Leong lives with her husband and daughters in Honolulu, where she writes about arts, education, science, families, and yes, shopping. She’s the editor-at-large for San Francisco-based Red Bridge Press, and her first children’s book, Up in the Hawaiian Sky, was published in 2013.

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