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gradjob2While some grads know exactly what they will be doing, whether that is travel, further education or a move, most are left like I was, looking for their first job. Graduating from university is a time for celebration, but thinking of life post-graduation can be a scary thing. After graduating college, I spent a month in Europe then moved to New York City and began my job hunt.

In this economy, joining the workforce is a terrifying prospect. Unemployment is high and recent college graduates are among those having the most difficulty securing a gig. I have compiled a list of the best graduation gifts to ensure the grad in your life has luck on their upcoming job hunt! Never fear; read on and get ready to help motivate the grads you love to find their post-graduate path!

One basic for both guys and gals is a good blazer.

It’s the easiest way to look professional in an important interview and really dresses up more casual clothing. For guys, I like the Express Cotton Sateen Photographer, it’s a timeless look that any guy can pull off. For girls, I suggest the J.Crew Double-Breasted Schoolboy Blazer. It’s classic and dressy, but the gold buttons give a youthful, stylish touch.

Double Breasted Blazer Jcrew

Another interview essential is a great bag.

For guys this means something in the briefcase or book bag family such as the L.L. Bean Maine Guide Leather Briefcase. It’s made of durable, weather resistant leather and has handy pockets to hold laptops, resumes and anything else he’ll need on an interview!

LL Bean Leather Briefcase

A great splurge bag for gals is the J. Crew Tartine Satchel. It’s elegant, sturdy, professional and eye-catching enough to grab her interviewer’s attention in a good way!

J.Crew Tartine Satchel

Make sure he doesn’t run out of fresh interview looks.

A Necktie-of-the-Month Club will keep him looking good all year round. What I love about this gift, is that it keeps on giving! Guy’s tend to hate to shop, so however long his job hunt goes for (and we know in this economy it can be longer than we’d like), he will have fresh duds for a whole year!

Necktie Of The Month Club

Two things essential to a relentless job hunt: a lot of e-mailing and a LOT of coffee.

When I first started my job hunt I spent most mornings in front of my computer tinkering with my resume and sending it out to countless companies. Keep them caffeinated with the Hot Cookie USB Powered Coffee Cup Warmer. This is a really affordable and humorous gift to give, but it’s also useful! Grads will never have to leave their desks for fear of coffee cooling! If you really want to splurge, a new laptop would go down in history as the best gift ever, aside from maybe an iPad.

Usb Cookie

Pamper them with a proper meal.

The above gifts will keep recent graduates motivated on their job hunts, but on the slim chance their unemployment is more prolonged than they would like, please make sure they are eating. Poor grads aren’t likely to splurge on fancy meals or anything that costs more than $3 per serving, so sending along Omaha Steaks will be a dream come true for those living on ramen and mac and cheese. There is also a Dinner of the Month Club so that you can deliver a pre-made, delicious meal to them to make sure they’re eating properly at least once a month.

Dinner Of The Month Club

To shop more gear for job interviews head to or see all of picks for great graduation gifts.

For more inspiration, check back regularly and see all of my graduation gift advice here on the blog.

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