Gifts for Sagittarius Men

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For a Sagittarius man (Nov. 21-Dec. 21), life is less about the destination and more about the journey. A born searcher and wanderer, he is an intelligent thinker who continually searches for truth, beauty and wisdom. Represented by the Archer Centaur, half animal/half human intellectuals that balance idealism with restraint, the Sagittarius man wants to uncover the meaning of everything — from religion and philosophy to life itself. He is charming and outgoing, and listens intently, but also needs space and time of his own to thrive. His endless explorations show that not all who wander are not lost: his eyes are set on this moment in time, not yesterday, and he can’t wait to uncover the next great adventure.

Does your favorite Sagittarius dream of faraway lands? Surprise with him with his very own piece of Ireland—literally. For $49, you can give him a square foot of land in the picturesque Irish countryside. Of course, he will have to visit in person, but don’t worry: a personalized certificate of ownership, a photo and driving directions are included.




Money may not buy happiness, but it can buy memories to last a lifetime. With a gift certificate from Cloud 9 Living ($225), let him choose the adventure he’s always dreamed of—like playing fighter pilot for a day, golfing with a PGA pro or stock car racing. More than 1,800 experiences nationwide are available.



Intellectuals simply can’t resist National Public Radio (NPR). Share 40 years of inside stories, anecdotes and transcripts with some of the most notable NPR personalities. This is NPR: The First Forty Years ($22.60) also includes an audio CD—perfect for long commutes and road trips.




Those who seek must also have a sense of humor. Your Sagittarius is probably intrigued by cultures and religions from around the world. Whether or not he has it all figured out for himself, chances are he will appreciate the unHoly Gift Box ($56, with free shipping)—a wickedly funny mishmash of the world’s major religions.


Even those who live with their heads in the clouds have to return to earth as a mere working mortal once in awhile. Add some zen-like inspiration to any workspace with the Tree of Life framed print ($89.99) or the Wooden Labyrinth Game ($16), which has been used as a form of meditation when contemplating higher things for centuries.


If you are still looking for the perfect gift, we have other gift ideas for Sagittarius men in our Horoscope Gift Guide. In search of more gift ideas on all of the signs—including yours? Read our shop-by-the-zodiac blog posts.


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