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It used to be rude to call someone a geek. They were the braces wearing, skinny, pants-pulled-up, smart kids. The awkward outsiders. But in this technologically advanced society, everyone wants to be geeky, so it’s no longer an insult. Geeky means you are a master of techy gadgets, and hip to eccentric interests and intellectual pursuits. There are many kinds of geeks—gamers and Trekkies come to mind—but they are all non-mainstream. They are obsessed with the newest, coolest, trendiest things that their subject matter has to offer, whether that is “Star Wars,” zombies or bacon-flavored toothpaste.

For Your Techie Boyfriend

Okay, so you want to get something romantic for your geeky boyfriend. Well, it better be techy and new, not mushy and ordinary. I love these QR Code Heart Throw Pillows ($24.95). With a QR coder reader app, which is undoubtedly already on your geeky boyfriend’s phone, he’ll be able to read the secret message you oh so cleverly chose for him.




For the Up All Night Geek

Picture a gamer sitting in front of his “StarCraft II”or “Call of Duty.” He’s been playing all night; the sun is now rising and his taste buds are screaming for a wake up call. Time for some bacon, possibly be the greatest single food item in existence. It sharpens the senses, is a delightful room freshener and can be eaten with any other food and any time of day. The Bacon and Eggs (Hold the Eggs) set is $65, with free shipping, and chock full of bacon flavored concoctions, novelties and even bacon socks. Top this off with a toy, Mr. Bendable Bacon, and you’ve got Bacon Heaven.




For the Math Whiz


With a different math formula on each of these glasses ($38 for the set) , these are perfect for the math nerd or the engineer in the family.


For the Young Geek

Inspire girls to go geeky with gifts like the I Can Be a Computer Engineer Barbie ($89.95).


For the Geek Who Likes to Stay Home and Tinker

With this sake making kit ($57), your favorite geek can hole up for the winter and work on perfecting a recipe. Geeks love things they can make and remake, in an attempt to become a subject expert.




I hope I’ve helped you shop for your geek, and if you need more research, I recommend the books Cooking for Geeks and A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek. You can also check out all our ideas for male geeks and female geeks.





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