Gifts for the Sensitive Crab Man

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cancer_guysCancerians are known to be compassionate and caring with friends and family members. They can appear hard and insensitive on the outside but on the inside they are little teddy bears which makes them very special! If you live with someone who is a Cancer, you can see that their home is decorated with a cozy and homey feel with antiques and family heirlooms. While other zodiac signs like to celebrate with large gatherings, Cancerians like a small gathering at home with close friends and family with lots of picture taking to capture the memory! They prefer quality time over bombast any day.

Cancers are born: June 21-July 22

Today we are going to celebrate Kevin Bacon’s birthday (July 8th)! Best known for his role in Footloose but in reality he is an exemplary family man. So here is a little list of what we would buy Kevin Bacon for this birthday, maybe it will help you with the cancer man in your life?

Have you given a great gift to a cancer man? Tell us what it was and what made it great.  

  1. Whiskey Stones Gift Set $20: He may be a family man but he likes his classy drinks too! This Whiskey Stone set is what he needs after a long day shooting The Following, or at the office.Whiskey Stones
  2. Personalized Gifts for Father’s Day – Hand illustrated Portrait $195: What do you get the guy who has everything? How about a personal touch with a portrait to capture the moment! Take any photo you have of the birthday guy and have it turned into a custom illustration.Hand Illustrated Portraits
  3. Vinyl Record Coasters $18: Like any cancer man, Kevin Bacon needs his man cave for down time. He’s a little edgy no matter how uptight his day job is, so get him something cool for his dude zone like these vinyl record coasters.Vinyl Record Coasters
  4. Personalized Bulldog Pub Glasses $49: These are also perfect for the man cave where he can relax with a cold beer with a friend. Personalize them with a fun name for his home bar.Personalized Pub Glasses
  5. Baseball Patent Artwork $70: This would be a great piece of artwork especially if he is a sports fan. Cancers like antiques and things that have stood the test of time and baseball is about as tried and true as it gets. This framed print contains the original patent art for the baseball by Maynard from 1928. He’ll totally geek out over this.Baseball Patent


Famous Cancerians

  • John Cusack (June 28th)
  • Bill Cosby (July 12th)
  • Will Ferrell (July 16th)

 Happy Birthday to the Cancer Man!

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