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Let me start with a disclaimer: None of MY relatives are lazy. And no one in my husband’s family is, either. Nope. But I know there are a few lazy folks out there, hanging out on a recliner in a Dorito-crumbed tee-shirt without a care in the world. So maybe they are related to you? If there is in fact anyone with low ambition in your family, I’ve come up with gift ideas that are perfect for them. We raise a glass to the slothful, the supine and the shiftless, and hope these gifts make their easy lives even easier. These gifts are also great for younger brothers, college students, and paradoxically, crazy-busy people, too, who simply don’t have time to do anything because they are busy doing everything.

Why vacuum or sweep when this handy little robot can roam around the house all day, sucking up dust, dirt and pet hair? Roomba by iRobot ($499.99) works on rugs, hardwood, tile and linoleum floors and is bagless; your lazy relative just has to empty the Roomba’s bin when it’s full. It steers itself around and under furniture and back to its base to recharge. If you’re on a budget, this is a great gift to give as a group gift where everyone chips in.


No one needs to call for takeout or hit the grocery store when the pizza and beer can arrive on their own. Handmade, deep-dish pizzas materialize at the front door, flash-frozen and ready for heating with the Pizza of the Month Club ($176.85 for three months’ worth of pies, includes free shipping). A three-month subscription to the Beer of the Month Club ($104.85) will have 12 new craft brews showing up to stock the fridge every four weeks.


 If your lazy relative’s idea of “cooking” means adding boiling water, present him with the Ramen Connisseur’s Crate. It even comes with a set of forkchops to simplify getting the noodles off a TV tray and into the mouth.



And why stand up to talk to someone in another room when a walkie-talkie can save the trip? These walkie-talkies ($29.97) have a 1,000-foot range, all the better for relaying vital messages such as, “Honey, can you bring me more dip?”



Pair the walkie talkies with an upholstery-friendly sippy wine glass ($19.95) and a universal Magic Wand remote controller ($89.95) and your giftee will not have to leave the couch for days.



Houseplants. They can be so demanding, what with wanting to be watered and all. A self-watering planter system ($39.99) will keep those azaleas from perishing from neglect.


Want more ideas? Use our Personality Profiler for great gift suggestions for all your relatives, whether they are couch potatoes or not.


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