Gifts Guide to 1st Holy Communion

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Communion season is in full swing in the Roman Catholic community. Most catholic children receive their first communion around the age of 7 or 8 and it marks the beginning of the lifetime of receiving the sacrament of the holy Eucharist. Usually celebrated along with family and friends, this important Catholic tradition is a rite of passage leading to confirmation. You don’t have to be Roman Catholic to be invited to or to attend a child or adult’s first communion and there are no “do’s and don’ts” when attending the ceremony except to be quiet when attending church, not wear anything too revealing or black. It’s also comforting to know that photos and videos are absolutely allowed, so document away!

On the gift side of communion, traditionally, people give religious keepsake gifts such as rosary beads or cash to the new communicant. Here are some of my favorite gift ideas to give to make their first holy communion truly special and memorable.

My First Holy Communion Book: This 64 page book contains prayers & life lessons on living a faithful life.

first holy communion

Personalized First Communion Rosary Beads for Boys & Girls: Designed for smaller hands this personalized gift makes the perfect 1st communion gift for both boys and girls to say their daily prayers with.

girls boys



Traditional Gold Cross Necklace: Is the perfect gift to give the new girl communicant to proudly wear all year round or just to dress up for Sunday mass.

cross necklace

Angel necklace: If you don’t want to give something that is too religious, I love this sterling silver guardian angel necklace from chasing-fireflies. For an added special touch give a beautiful personalized jewelry or memory box to put it in.

angel necklace

Cash or a Share of Stock: If you aren’t religious yourself, you might feel weird giving a religious gift at all. In that case, cash or a share of stock is the perfect secular gift to give both boys and girls.

Need more ideas? Check out more Communion gift ideas for both boys and girls.

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