Great Gifts for 16-Year-Old Boys

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I like to think that I still have it. For example, while listening to an Imagine Dragons song the other day, my 10-year-old daughter nearly fell out of her seat belt when she realized I knew the lyrics. I didn’t miss an episode of “Breaking Bad” and I rock a fedora. But when it comes to buying gifts for my almost 16-year-old nephew, I am suddenly reminded that I drive a minivan and grocery baggers sometimes call me “ma’am.” I think a baseball glove or board game is no longer going to make the cut as a “cool” gift. So what do you buy a teenager who is somewhere between “I want a new car” or “I’ll be in my room” and “could you pleeeease cook my favorite lasagna?” or maybe, just maybe, might still need the occasional hug after a big game or a tough day at school?

The best thing about gift-buying for a 16-year-old boy is that it offers a rare opportunity to reclaim your “cool” factor—with who could possibly be gift-buying’s toughest audience. Here are a few recommendations to help make it happen.

Video games, music and movies are what being a teenager is all about. The LumiSource A44 Gaming Chair ($127.99) makes each of these experiences even more awesome by pumping powerful audio waves through the body. Crank up the bass or gaming action and it even vibrates. Buy two or more, and this lucky teen’s house will be where the action is at.


With shows like “Duck Dynasty” making hillbilly cool, a bearded hat ($34.99) will make him feel of-the-moment, even if he’s a little too young to bust out a giant beard. And there’s no trip to the Louisiana backwoods necessary!


Even if today’s teenage boys don’t associate these Classic Ray-Ban Aviators ($194.95) with the glory days of Tom Cruise, they do know the look is stylin’ in that classic kind of way. Plus these timeless frames complement just about everyone.


Clothes are a risk usually not worth taking with teens. While the days of new underwear and superhero t-shirts may be long gone, the AE Military Jacket ($79.95) is the season’s must-have staple. Military influences continue to dominate today’s fashion world, and this jacket doesn’t disappoint.


It’s time reclaim your cool status—and street cred—in the world of 16-year-old teen boys. Happy Shopping!

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