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Wedding season is well under way. In putting together a wedding, the amount of planning and details that tends to fall on the bride’s shoulders is endless. While in most cases, groom’s main responsibility, is to be a helpful, supportive and an agreeable partner as his future (much) “better half” goes through this daunting process.

But one key responsibility the groom does have is picking up groomsmen gifts for his wedding party posse. Traditionally, groomsmen gifts are tokens of appreciation given to those standing by his side on his big day. These gifts tend to be fairly conservative, personalized gifts. While I still like going the personalized gift route for groomsmen, there are plenty of cool gift ideas that might not be considered “traditional”, yet will certainly qualify as great and memorable gifts. Here are some favorites:

1.  One they’ll really get a kick out of is the custom bobble head. These are completely customizable. You can even customize what you’re groomsmen are wearing and what the bobble heads are doing to make these bobble doubles as life-like as possible.

2.  Guys love to grill. Hook the fellas up with a custom branding iron with complete with their three letter initials on it.  That way everyone will know not to mess with their steak!!

3.  A really classy gift idea is a “Create You Own” Polo shirt. Again, a fully customized gorgeous Polo shirt. You choose all the details like colors, logo placement and even adding their initials on the sleeve. They’ll remember and use this one for a long time.

4.  Another classic is the Personalized Copper Mule Mug. I love this one because it’s both a great decorative piece of barware and a functional cup for his drink. And with his bold initials on there, no one will accidentally steal his cocktail.

5.  Another, more traditional piece of barware is a set of personalized beer glasses. A set of glasses is a classic, timeless choice as a groomsmen gift. You cannot go wrong with this one.

6.  And to fill out the barware trifecta, a personalized stainless steel flask is another very traditional groomsmen gift. Frankly, flasks are more “cool” than useful, but because of their size, a flask can include a lot more personalization options like groomsman’s name, the date of the wedding or a poignant quote.  It really makes a nice memento from the wedding.

Those are just six ideas to get started, but we have a huge selection of groomsmen gifts that will have the groom covered.


Groomsmen image courtesy of Bridal Times

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