Guest Guru: 1st Father’s Day Survival Guide

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1st-fathers-day-survival-250x250Alright Moms, it’s our turn to do the shopping for the dads. Hopefully you didn’t get a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day, and if you did, feel free to get him HVAC filters for Father’s Day.

Now we get to show the dads how it’s really done!

I like to give themed gift bundles for Fathers Day. So if you like the idea of a gift bundle, first ask yourself what “theme” the dad you’re buying for would like. Is your husband a sports fan? Is he a techie? Maybe he’s a master of the grill? No matter what his favorite hobby is, there’s a great bundle that you can put together for him.

The Sports Dad

My husband is obsessed with golf. So much so, that I don’t remember the last trip we took that didn’t involve at least one round of golf. Yes, yes he did golf on my birthday vacation. So a custom golf gift is a smart way to go (probably steer clear of specific equipment!).

Personalized Golf Print

Another idea he’ll love is if you go all out and purchase a round of golf at his favorite local golf course or maybe even a golf lesson with a PGA Pro!

Golf lesson

The  Techie Dad

Our Techie Dads love their tech gadgets or “toys”. They always have the latest gadgets and the coolest technology. Why not help them personalize their gadgets, and create a personalized cover with a family photo or a favorite kids art project with Skinit.

Create Your Own Skin

Depending on how expensive you want to go, you could always get him the GoPro Hero 3. I bought one for my husband for Christmas, and I think I’ve used it more than he has. Bonus! This amazing little camera has wifi so you, I mean he, can upload your videos straight from the camera.

GoPro Camera

The Grilling Dad

I’ve never quite understood why men take grilling so seriously. This is one of those things I shouldn’t question and just enjoy the outcome.

I love the Grill Master Crate from Man Crates.  Honestly I love all their crates.  If you have a chance to look through them I highly recommend taking your time doing it, because you’ll find a lot of great options.  I think I’ll be ordering the Zombie Survival Crate for myself.  You never know.

Grill Master CrateZombie Survival Crate

One of my husband’s favorite gifts was the Bar-B-Q tool kit I got him a few years ago. This will also guarantee that he will not be using your good silverware while grilling!

BBQ Tools Kit

A great gift is a super way to show how much you appreciate dad, but what’s my favorite gift to give for Father’s Day? Each year I have the kids make a video tell their dad why they love him, and why he’s the best dad in the world.  It’s so amazing to look back and see how they have grown and how their answer changes each year.

About our guest:

Theresa is the founder of Rock On Mommies, a site that reminds moms not to lose themselves in motherhood. Theresa is a former NFL Cheerleader and has appeared on both local and national shows including ABC’s Moms Get Real. She is currently a Brand Ambassador for The Honest Company and has worked with major brands including Kenmore, Tropicana, Nissan, KSL Resorts and many more. Theresa is, of course, a Rock On Mommy herself with two super young kids of her own.
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