Happy Birthday Capricorn!

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As the tenth sign, Capricorns are ambitious and reliable. They always try to get to the top, and with their conscientious and patient nature, they’ll probably make it. Their home is filled with photos of the entire family and they cannot get enough of fine art, ceramics, clocks, and watches. For their birthday celebration, a dinner party with family and friends is what they love most! Capricorns appreciate gifts that they consider too indulgent to buy themselves like a spa day. Or, work on their creative side with an arts and crafts kit to help them discover their next “big idea”.

Capricorns are born December 22 -January 19

For women, gifts such as a SpaFinder Gift Certificate is the perfect gift! This gift has major flexibility and convenience that lets them cash in on some pampering at over 7,000 spas worldwide. A gift that touches their hearts would be the Kodak EasyShare Digital Photo Frame where you can preload pictures, videos, and music for an unforgettable media experience.  Lastly, an Astrology Necklace for Capricorns is an inspiration from a Swiss astrology calendar from the 1900s. Each luminous pendant is arranged with discreet patterns that represent their sign.

SpaFinder Gift Certificate is also perfect for male Capricorns because these men need to indulge as well! You can also get him a Netflix Subscription so that he can kick back and watch his favorite funny movies whenever, and wherever he wants.  Another gift for their creative side is an Acrylic Painting for Dummies. This 24 piece art set is all he needs to start painting his first masterpiece!

Celebrity Capricorns

  • Bradley Cooper (January 5th)
  • Jeremy Renner (January 7th)
  • Patrick Dempsey (January 13th)
  • LL Cool J (January 14th)
  • Betty White (January 17th)
  • Michelle Obama (January 17th)


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